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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

These Days

Wow, this month is flying by...and that means baby is coming! Soon! We are beyond excited to meet this little fella. I don't think I'm ever going to put him down once he's here. Aside from not being able to reach my feet to deal with some serious calloused and cracked heels, I'm feeling pretty good. Babe is measuring in at just shy of 8 pounds already, and I can tell by the way he moves that things are getting pretty crowded in there. I'm so ready...and I'm not ready all at the same time. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, especially about the delivery; I just want him to be healthy and safe.

We celebrated Jonah's birthday last weekend- fifteen years old!! Say it isn't so. And I've got tons of random pictures that I'm going to post, just so I'll always have something to look back on and remember this time in my life. Hope your week is off to a great start!

35 weeks here- stripes for daaaayyyyyysssss

My birthday boy...don't count the candles. It didn't occur to my pregnancy brain that I'd need two packs of candles. #momfail

Family party and then out to eat at Pizzeria Uno - it was so, so good!

This boy earned some special rankings. So proud of him. Isn't he the cutest cadet airman ever?

Mommy-Daughter morning out. I forgot to schedule an appointment at my regular salon so we popped in to a chain place...which ended up costing more! What the what! Well she looked darling so I guess it was worth it. I was a little nervous about letting them at my hair but it turned out fine. Whew.

Celebratory strawberry shakes afterwards

Oh goodness, instagram has lovely filters for skin  :) (especially since I keep getting hot flashes, ugh!)

 This was also Week 36. Whoa!  ha ha

I was wearing this exact outfit in FL two weeks prior when we were waiting to be seated at a restaurant (I was already sitting down). When the hostess finally brought us to our table, her face fell as she noticed the bump, which was at the same exact time as I tried to seat myself in the tight booth, and there was no way I was squeezing in there. By this time, a manager had come over and was apologizing profusely- I had a little chuckle over it and wasn't offended at all, but they were acting horrified. Bless their sweet souls, they said they couldn't tell I was pregnant when I was sitting down up front. Not sure I'd get away with that today. =)

This crib is in the dormered part of our bedroom and it makes me so happy to see every time I go in there- on Saturday I fixed it all up and it is ready for baby! Still not totally decided on his going-home outfit, I may make one, don't know...

We've finally had some spring weather so we've enjoyed being outside at our new house. I love watching them goof around out there.

This marks 37 weeks, though technically this was taken on Saturday after my baby shower. I made this dress and was really happy with the way it turned out- there's a ruffle along the hem, too.

Here's a teeny peak at the shower. It was such a gorgeous day and I had the best time celebrating with family and friends. I'll share more shower pics soon. I love how everything came together!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you on Saturday, and was reminded in your pics, that your hair looked beautiful! And I didn't know you made that it!
Kristen Fleming

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