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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, March 7, 2016

Destin, FL - Part Two

Good morning! Just a little round-up of my favorite photos and events of our time together in the sunshine state. This week is going to be a busy one because I'm trying to get a few more items stocked at Rose & Ruffle AND I'm conquering that long-ish Preparing for Baby To-Do list. Wish me luck!

Yet again, my pride is making me address the unsightly lines across my belly, which is from a riding-up tankini top, that is also, well, not incredibly supportive if you catch my drift.  :/

Gosh. I wish my kids had some personality.

My very first trip to Sonic! Exciting times, people.

 Baby wanted some Vitamin D. I think he got lots over that week and a half.  :)

This was taken the night of the nearby tornado in Pensacola- can you see the intensity of those waves?!? They were relentless.
The next morning, still ferocious and kind of angry. The winds finally calmed down by late afternoon and then the weather was perfect again.

A few shots of the house we rented- I loved it!

We practically lived on this deck- that warm sunshine felt SOOOO wonderful!

For the sake of refraining from being completely redundant, if you'd like to read any particulars about some of these photos, lots are on instagram with some background stories- you can find me HERE if you want. Happy Monday!

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