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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Father-Daughter Valentine's Dance and a Sick Baby

This has been quite a week. Just a lot going on, and my nerves are about shot. Today was such a beautiful, sunny day, and warmer than we've had in months! It was heavenly! I'll share pictures of our fun day later because I'm tired tired tired, but I'm going to post these ones from last night.

I was commenting to Bill a few weeks ago that we've never had the opportunity for him to take Isabelle to a Father-Daughter dance, and wouldn't you know, our elementary school put one on for Valentine's Day. Perfect!

Daddy and his special date

This is her Christmas dress from last year, but we switched out the cranberry colored sash for a light pink one - look at how pretty my baby girl looks! And not my baby girl anymore, either!

I'm not gifted with hair-dos and even less so with make-up, but I think her curls came out so well. They were beautiful. She wore a bit of lipstick and my favorite necklace and dangly earrings- she was most excited about the earrings, ha!

Looking pretty and dapper on the way out the door

I was helping out with decorations earlier in the day...see that ladder back there and all the hearts dangling from the ceiling? Yeah. All me. 
I almost made my friends take a picture of me up on the ladder because most people who know me know that I do not do ladders. At all. Like, even a little bit.
But I did it!
That's love.

We draped garland around lots of doors, set up a background for a photo shoot, and decorated lots of tables and easels. It looked really festive when we were done. I'm sure the girls loved all the sparkle.

And this little guy.
He wasn't quite himself on Monday, but on Tuesday around lunch time, he refused to eat and I noticed that he felt really hot. He wouldn't stop crying, poor baby. When Bill got home and was rocking him, his fever spiked and his eyes started to roll back in his head. It was awful. We called the doctor and got an appointment for that afternoon.
Right after I canceled the vet appointment for the dog and cats.
On Valentine's Day.
Cold virus plus a nasty ear infection. Poor baby.
This was Wednesday, and pretty much all day Thursday and Friday, too. It was rough.

I look like I'm smiling here, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't. ha ha
Not much worse than watching your baby in pain and not being able to make it all better.

Thursday morning we had another delay for snow, so we asked my Mom and Dad to come down for pancakes. This is looking out one of our front windows- the snow is halfway up the front door!
 Upstairs in my room, there are sliding glass doors and a balcony overlooking the backyard (perfect for someone who is afraid of heights, ha ha), and the snow covers more than 3/4 of the railings. Last year at this time, well after we got back from Florida, we had no snow and it was acting like spring- we were all outside on the deck for Levi's baby shower in early March! So funny how things change from year to year.

I'm flipping pancakes in the kitchen and I turn around and see this sight. These guys. Never a dull moment. 
Levi looks a little better here, but believe me, it did not last long. Yikes. Thursday was a horrible day.

I missed this happy face all week long!

Since Levi isn't a great sleeper anyway, I'm sure you can imagine how not great a sleeper sick Levi is. I am exhausted.
But today was such a nice change of pace! I'll share sledding pics and more later.
We're planning on going to the church we visited two weeks ago tomorrow and I'm nervous because the music is loud, too loud for baby ears, and I know he won't go in the nursery. #momlife

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