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1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Loves

linking up with  Andrea  today! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
I know lots of people aren't big fans of this holiday for various reasons. I do love the chance to dote on my favorite people and make them feel extra cared for and loved, but we don't place much importance on buying stuff.

I will also add that this day can be really hard for me personally, as can anniversaries, and even weddings. My husband and I almost didn't make it. We have struggled and faced heartbreaking issues, and there were days when I just didn't know how I/we would get through. That's extremely difficult for me to say, but maybe I can be an encouragement to someone who is struggling.
We will be celebrating twenty years this fall.
I can only point to Jesus here. The Maker of Miracles and Restorer of Brokenness.
Honestly, I still have days that threaten to drag me back to dark places. And that's when I turn to Jesus again. His love has made all the difference.

 Okay, so now I feel like a drama queen, and that wasn't my intention at all. I guess I just wanted anyone who is facing (big) challenges to know that you aren't alone, and there is HOPE!

And here are the people I love most!
My husband, Bill, who makes me laugh until tears are flowing and our sides are aching, who works so hard for our family, and who is super smart, encouraging, and loving.
Our three oldest boys are 14, almost 16, and 17. Of course we have our issues, but they are the best, they really are. Our beautiful daughter was adopted at 18 months, and she is sweet and sometimes a little too sassy, but we're working on it. Our hearts were stirred to adopt again a few years later, but sadly it didn't happen. I may never know why we endured four years of closed doors, but last year we welcomed our fourth son into the mix, an absolute miracle!
(I've written all about adoption and Levi's pregnancy/birth - look in the labels if you want to read more)

I'm looking forward to the next twenty years!

 Just sharing this favorite picture of my little guys.
Aren't they the sweetest!?!
 It feels like a lifetime ago that they were this small, and navigating high school and upcoming college years can be a little daunting and overwhelming. #somanyemotions (!!!)

 This is my absolute favorite picture of Isabelle and me, still trying to complete her adoption while living in Guatemala. It's quite the story. It was a difficult time but we accomplished so much, and I treasure those times.

 My gorgeous bunch...look at that itty bitty Levi!
This was the first time we brought him to church, and we had only been at this new house a couple of months. I joke that I will forever have a claw for a hand because of all the trim painting going on here. Wish I was kidding! ha ha

We have lots of extended family that we love and get to see often, and others we don't see as much as we'd like. We've been blessed for sure.

Okay, little one is not a happy camper upstairs...have a great rest of your day!


Lisa said...

You have a house full of beautiful people! I think it's great that you shared you've had some pretty serious struggles and I believe there are days when it's just on your heart and you have to speak to it. I'm happy you've made it this far and will continue to move forward. Teens are definitely challenging, but also all kinds of wonderful. Same for sassy girls😉. I was one, and then I had one. I guess you could call it payback and I've already warned her to watch out when hers comes Happy Valentine's Day! As soon as I get some time, I want to read your adoption story and all about Levi❤️

Jenny said...

I am so glad that He saw you and your husband through the hard times. What a fun and beautiful family you guys have! And I can't wait to read about your adoption stories. :)

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