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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Ten on Ten // February 2017

 ten on ten button

Yesterday was the tenth so I captured the highlights of our day.
This week was a wild one, for sure - we only had school on Monday and yesterday, and part of Wednesday, because of snow and ice storms. Crazy! It's snowing out right now, and there is a major storm coming our way for tomorrow night, up to 18 inches we've heard!
Our nights have been bad bad bad this week - SuperBowl night was our only good night. Coincidence? I think not. ;) We're beyond exhausted, and Isabelle had her basketball championship game this eeeeeaaaarrrrly this morning. Coach Dad said the roads are pretty awful but the girls played great. They lost by four points but they played their hearts out and we're very proud of them. Levi and I cheered them on in spirit in our pajamas and from the warmth of our house. #badmom

Here is a look at February 10th:

 The sun was actually making an appearance! This has been one of the darkest winters I can remember, and it's tough!
Lovely yellow snow right there, too, right? Thanks, Ryder.

Since we are making some big changes in the coming days, I really wanted to have some decent photographs of how things are right now, with Levi still in our room, so I can look back and remember. So yesterday morning was the perfect time to take some, especially since the sun popped out. 
See all that ugly brown trim? Well, it's getting less and less! And I just may have a claw for a hand for the rest of my life. :/
cute little monkey :)
I will share some house pics this week!

Since I've been on break from Rose & Ruffle, I've been trying to get some house projects finished. One of them was to lengthen some was pretty easy so I'll post a tutorial soon!

Those cheeks!
Getting in a little morning nap...

While Levi dozed, I cleaned up and got some things ready for a visit with my friend, Kim, and her little girl, Lilee Ann. I wish I'd taken a pic of her because she is the sweetest thing...but we Mamas were too busy chatting away. Such a nice visit!
I find it incredibly hard to balance making time for friends and fun when I'm also trying to get so much done (painting, ugh) around the house. Can anyone else relate?

I turn my back for a second and...find him in here. 
Emptying all the things, as usual. He is getting fast!

Cookie Friday!
And the sun was still shining. Amen!
Boys. ha ha ha ha

He's eating a cracker here, but someone maaaay have given him a bite of cookie too

Future NBA star in the making!

Caleb went to his best friend's house for a sleepover, so it was quieter than normal. After dinner (burger + fries, every Friday night...yes, I think we have a food thing for every day of the week now!), we hung out in the family room, reading- we decided that Isabelle is ready to read Harry Potter, so she is already on the second book, and I am reading The Girl on the Train and now I'm hooked. I need to know how this is going to get resolved!
Ethan is working his first all day Saturday at his new job today, we're going to my father in law's birthday party, and then he has two club soccer games tonight, so I'm hoping he gets the chance to drive over to see us and get something to eat before having to head back into town for soccer. Life with active teenagers is not for the weary, ha!
Have a nice Saturday!

ps- in case you missed it, here is a post dedicated to yummy cookies... enjoy!


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