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Monday, February 6, 2017

Little Levi is Ten Months Old!

So close to one year old I can hardly believe it!
This boy is pure joy!

We're discovering that Levi is quite funny, which cracks us up to no end because everywhere we go, he stares at the strangers. He has an incredible game face, too! People still comment on how serious he is, how he stares right through them. He doesn't even blink! But at home... silly boy

Last month he began to favor his right hand, and it seems that's still the trend. He can pick up small pieces of food to feed himself, though sometimes he fights us when we're trying to give him something - he'll hold his left wrist up to his mouth and push us away with a little fist. Exasperating at times, but so cute too. Then, we finally get him to eat whatever it is, and he's like, Oh this is so yummy, what took you so long? Funny boy!

His favorites are toast with peanut butter, homemade applesauce, squash, YoBaby yogurt, chicken, hamburger, and scrambled eggs. He does not care for strawberries, blueberries, or bananas, which most babies love, ha. He refuses any and all pureed or baby foods, except for oatmeal with apple juice or orange juice, and it has to be warmed up just right. He prefers to drink from a glass instead of a sippy cup and does a great job. I've long since given up hope of him taking a bottle, and don't really see the point of bothering to try again at this point. He's such a big boy!

Here he's holding his "1" and "0" blocks, though I think it's pretty obvious what he's most interested in doing: dropping them over the edge! Look at that face! Guilty guilty

Levi has become very vocal this month, too. He babbles lots and we're all pretty sure he is saying Hi, Mama, Dada, and No, ha ha ha
Just last night, he shook his head no and muttered "uh-uh" - I don't know how to spell that! The opposite of uh-huh - so smart!

He loves it when we hide something and make it reappear for him, and I think he is beginning to get the concept enough to start hiding things himself. I haven't played peek-a-boo with him in a long time, but I'd bet he'd really enjoy that now. #badmom

Last week in the nursery, he saw his friend, who is about a month older, crawling and standing up, AND a little girl who was born in June who was beginning to crawl, and I think he got jealous! That very afternoon, he began to drag himself around all over the hardwood floors, and he's fast! Nothing like a little peer pressure to motivate you! Yesterday we visited a new church, but Levi desperately needed to sleep, so he stayed home with Daddy.

This month, Levi also began to sit still and read books with us. He gets excited when he sees The Mitten, The Barnyard Dance, and a couple of his Jesus storybooks, and he settles right in when we're reading to him. He likes to touch the pictures and help turn the pages. :)

He still loves it when I sing The Wheels on the Bus, Peace Like a River, and Amazing Grace- those are his favorites! He adores playing Itsy Bitsy Spider and Patty Cake. Our little goodnight song has always been The B-I-B-L-E song, and I think he notices if I don't sing it right away because he really settles into my arms when he's nursing before bed as soon as he hears it.

I'm certain no one will be forgetting your ten month birthday any time soon since it happened to coincide with last night's big win! #gopats 
And oddly enough, after nearly an entire week of being awake and fussing most of the night, last night you slept from 6:45 straight through until nearly 5 am! I think you cried out for a second around midnight or maybe 2, but I hardly woke up to hear it. Your Daddy and I are exhausted after this past week! I was downstairs reading and working when I heard you this morning, so I came up to get you and hold you for a few minutes, and we rocked and I fed you. I think you missed me! You seemed so happy to see me. Thankfully you were still sleepy so I put you in your favorite place- nestled in between my pillows in the middle of the bed.  Everyone will be anxious to see you in a little while, though sometimes you're still asleep when everyone but Caleb heads off to school. 

We are beginning to transition you from our bedroom into your own nursery, and while I know it's for the best, I have such mixed feelings about it. I know I will miss you.

I've also begun planning your big First Birthday party and it's going to be great!

What joy you have brought us these past ten months! Oh how we love you!


here are a couple shots from yesterday before the big game ...

gotta work off the calories about to be consumed!

These were my contribution to the game day feast. Bill made everything else, and it was yummy!

 almost time to start...nervous energy all around!

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Paula Rockwell said...

Happy Birthday Levi!! These photos are all super cute :)

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