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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weekend Fun at Wagon Hill

I meant to write this post sometime during the week.
After fifty snowstorms, okay, maybe four, we have had snowbanks and snowdrifts and just plain big piles of snow everywhere. Plus, it has been really, really cold. And windy. Definitely not my favorite combination, especially with a baby.
But last weekend, the temperatures started to rise considerably, so much so that we were shedding layers by mid-morning. It felt fabulous! 
We started off, like usual, at the library to load up for the week. Isn't our little library adorable?

I can hardly believe that Caleb was as little as Levi when we first visited this library.

Levi had been sick all week with a bad cold, and then his first ear infection, that he picked up from one of my nieces at a birthday party. My PSA for the day: postpone the party, or at least tell the other attendees prior to walking in the door that a child is sick. Which doesn't mean saying that she's "getting over" a cold. Ugh. Such is life. It has passed through four of us. Wish we'd known and had just stayed home.
After lunch, we loaded up the van with sleds and stuff and headed out for adventure at Wagon Hill (it's a NH historical landmark). I have had this particular place on My List for so long. I have no idea why we've never gone because we pass by it many times throughout the year when we're en route to other places. It didn't disappoint- it was beautiful up there! We all agreed that we want to come back in the summer for a picnic.
It was crowded! Lots of sunshine and kids laughing was the best!

 I didn't sled because I slipped on black ice two nights before and my knees, elbow and wrist were still so tender and sore. I didn't even walk to the bottom of the hill, so you can't see how big the hill is, but you can see how wide open it is. It was so much fun!
Here go Isabelle and Daddy!

 Levi had his own personal sled chauffeur most of the afternoon :)
 I don't know why, but I just love this picture so much. He looks like he is really enjoying soaking up those rays!
 That little sled works great! My in-laws gave it to us, I think it's from Target.
 I turn around and witness this scene straight out of The Lion King. It made my heart lurch but at the same exact time, I heard Levi laughing and laughing. Little thrill seeker. Stinker.
Missing Ethan. He has a new job at a local grocery store, and he was working. :(
 Looking a bit perplexed, ha ha
There was a wide river in the distance, and what looks like tons of trails all around. Can't wait to come back!

Bill and I had been thinking that all the fresh air would be so good for Levi, but it didn't pan out quite the way we'd hoped. Saturday night was awful. I stayed home with him Sunday morning while everyone else went to the new church, and he was miserable for several more days. The older boys all felt sick, too, but not for as long, thankfully.

So even though we were dealing with germs, there were several days we had the windows wide open and hung out on the back deck. The snow has melted so much that there are bare spots all over the yard, and we can finally see the outline of the pool under the cover. That's an exciting sight for sure! I think I will cry if we get more snow now, but we probably will, so... at least we're getting closer to Spring!

ps: I am so discouraged at the amount of inappropriate traffic I've seen lately, and I'm wondering if it's because of the "super cute..." part of the blog title, one of the reasons I had switched names previously.
Maybe I'll be back to Celebrate the Everyday Things again.
I hate this part of social media. It makes my heart sick.

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Sonnie said...

What a fun memory day. So awful about you having to change your name because others are so disrespectful.

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