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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

House Tour: Shared Master Bedroom with Baby

I can't believe it's March 1st!
Last year at this time, I was so excited to be able to say that I was having a baby next month. 
This year, I'm also excited to say that our little guy will be turning one next month, but then again, I'm also kind of not. Aah, growing up is so hard on Mamas.
Since we are making plans to move baby Levi into his own room in the very near future, I figured I'd finally get around to sharing some pictures of our shared space. ;)
We never intended on keeping him in our room for this long, but we kept waiting - and hoping - that his nights would get better. And they just haven't. We've had the occasional great night here or there, but nothing consistent, which has been really, really hard.
So here we are, nearing eleven months old, and making plans to move forward with getting him in his own space. I know it's time, but I'm already feeling anxious. When we moved here, I was six months pregnant with him, so the four months we spent here before he was born, he was still very much a part of this room. I've never known it without him in it in a way.
It's a fairly large room, which has made sharing much easier. There is space for all the things that a baby needs, and I'm thankful for that.
Here it is...
By the way, I think ceiling fans get a bad rap. It gets super hot in the summer and that fan saves my life. Literally. ;)
Okay, so this one is kind of ugly, but honestly, it doesn't even bother me. We'll replace it at some point after all the other projects are finished.
Outside the doors, there is a decent sized balcony which looks out over our backyard.
Ironic considering I have a mini heart attack every time I try to stand out there. Maybe sitting won't be so bad, so I may get one or two cafe chairs and a couple of potted plants...we shall see.

 The view is undeniably lovely, though
Sometimes the kids want to swim at night, and it's pretty fun to watch them from up here
I love the gorgeous colors we get in the fall

We did not paint the walls in here, but I really like this color grey. The accent wall is a shade or two darker. In the afternoons, the sun pours in through the door, which makes it seem like a warm shade. But in the morning light, I think the grey looks much cooler. I have a claw for a hand with all the trim, etc I've been painting, but obviously the doors in the background have yet to be transformed. :)

The chair shown below was purchased before Levi was born. I looooved the look of it, but... it was not very comfortable (for us). We're tall, with longer torsos, and this chair felt too "short" for us; otherwise, I really did love it. If Levi slept better, I'd probably still have it, but we switched it out for something we could recline in with him.
I couldn't find anything I liked locally, so we purchased this one from Wayfair with a coupon and free shipping. It was a great deal. I wish it would've worked out.

Three days before he was born, although I had no idea at that point!!
The door and trim are now painted white, and it looks so good with the grey walls.

One of the only pictures I have of him sleeping in his crib. Not even kidding.
If you can steal your eyes away from the adorable newborn, you'll see the wood trim around the window. This was also before we took the leap and made the investment in replacement windows, which are white vinyl. And they are so beautiful. They completely transformed the whole look of the room, as well as every room here.
Our house is a traditional cape style with two dormers in the front- this nook is one of the dormers, so it works out nicely to give us a bit of separation.

This is the view I'm most used to, and quite in love with
Now, at almost 11 months old, Levi still sleeps a portion of the night in our bed. 
He's just not a solid sleeper yet, but last night was the first night in a loooong time that he slept peacefully in his crib for more than 2-3 hour stretches. Now I'm afraid to move him, ha ha! 

You can also see that from this angle, there is a bit of privacy as it were between our bed and the crib. I was worried about this since we've never shared our room with a baby beyond the first six weeks or so.

And here is the nursery nook with the trim painted white.
Nice and bright
Such a difference!
I haven't decided on the fabric I want, but I know I'll be making a simple valance for the windows.

Levi's new room, which started out as Isabelle's room, then was painted and became Caleb's room, which was going to become a shared room with Levi and him, is also nice and bright

Obviously, there is not much in way of nursery wall decor, since this is in fact a grown-up room sharing space with a baby. The Noah's Ark hanging on the right was made by my Mom when the older boys were tiny, and the pennant swag on the left was made with the fabric from Levi's baby quilt- I used it as a decoration for my Bless this Nest Baby Shower, and I wrote a little about his quilt here.
(In the lower left corner you might notice the small mirror- it's a package of three, from TJMaxx ($7.99!!!) and will hang directly above our bed once we move it over a little, after moving the rocker and changing table.) 
I'm thinking of creating a desk area here...

I'm nearly finished painting the door, so next will be the closet trim and doors.
I learned the hard way that painting the trim against carpet is the absolute worst thing in the world, so we're saving up and replacing that with a nicer looking baseboard.
Just looking that these pictures, thinking about his crib no longer being there, is making my heart start to pound. I know we're ready, but still, it will be hard.
We'll also replace those ugly ivory outlets and covers with white - we've been doing that one room/project at a time.

We did find the recliner (on right) at a local store and it wasn't expensive and felt like a dream, so while I don't love the look of it as much, it was definitely the best option for us for now. We sold the other one on Craig's List and put that money towards this one. It shows more in the photo at the top.

Here's my cute little guy :)
He was entertaining himself while I took some pictures...and then he started to pull himself up by the mirror legs and nearly pulled it over onto himself, so I will end our tour here.

I'll be finishing up Levi's nursery and will post pictures soon. =)

To tour the master bedroom of our "flip" house, click here.

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