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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Ten on Ten :: March 2017

Yesterday was the tenth, which means it's time for Ten on Ten, a fun way to document the beauty in everyday life.

It's March! I can't believe it!
Doesn't the weather just scream It's Spring! It's Spring!

We are early rises- all of us- but thankfully my little monkey here usually goes back to sleep after eating around 4 am. Today he slept until after 7! Hooray!
In the meantime, I worked on a couple orders for Rose & Ruffle, edited pictures and started in on  lunches and breakfast. I was really happy to discover that I had frozen egg mcmuffins to pack for easy lunches because the fridge and pantry were looking a bit bare, and it was a long week and by Friday the last thing I want to do is deal with making lunches. Right?
 Good morning, Mama!
Isabelle gets in some snuggles before leaving for school

Enter the Baby Jail
Someone has gotten too mobile to leave unattended for even a second, so...
Do Not Collect $200 and go straight to jail
Doesn't he look equally intrigued and humiliated? Poor baby!
 Exhibit A
Those are ironing board legs, and he looooves them.

Off to the store and then to get Ethan at school a little early - his nose got fractured at the soccer match Sunday morning...I KNOW, what a weekend, right?!?!?!... and his last class was gym. I don't think so. He says it's better now, but he forgets and goes to blow his nose or his clothes brush against his nose and it hurts all over again. Yikes.
 On a side note, when are these ridiculous baby bang hairs going to grow and stop sticking out???

My little Levi in his big Levi hat
Tulips were on sale for 3.99 so I grabbed a bunch...which the cats proceeded to vandalize over night- grrrr... and I may have bought a little something that rhymed with spannoli for my injured boy. He has had a rough week!
(I wrote about his car accident in Jonah's birthday post here.)

 Levi went down for a second nap so I tried to get some more work done.
This is one of my favorite bonnets!
This one is for a friend I met through IG, who is expecting her third little girl (she has four boys, too!). She surprised me and ordered it from my shop, only I had no idea it was her until I was reading the transaction details and saw her name, ha! I just love the idea of community where Moms can support other Moms, and I'm so thankful. Plus, becoming friends with people through social media is just the best!

Since it's Friday, you know what that means!
Cookie Friday!
I was later than usual getting these into the oven, and the Friday night chef may have been annoyed with me about it because it delayed his getting the fries done for Burger Friday.
Yes, Cookie Friday AND Burger Friday.
We are weird. I can admit that. =)
 Mmmm! Mini M&M and chocolate chunk cookies - yummy!
However, I was talking on the phone with my Mom and I totally lost track of the flour I'd added- I think I put too much in and the consistency was very different. So much for multi-taking, ha !

Okay, so I stole this picture from earlier but last night Levi was having more "nakey time" than usual, so all I got were nakey pictures and while they are 100% adorable, there it NO way I'm posting any of those.
Every night it's the same: nakey time/play time, a bath, and then cuddles and nursing before bed.
If he isn't too tired, we read a story, which he LOVES.
Our nights are rough. Most nights I can handle it, but I'm human and sometimes I lose my cool a little bit.
Last night around dinner time was rough, too. Too many snarky and disrespectful comments, and then parents who didn't handle things very well. But we recovered and ended up watching an old movie, A Knight's Tale, after Isabelle went to bed and I stayed up until after 10 pm, which I never do anymore! And of course, I was up by 11:30 for the first of many, maaaany times up dealing with an unhappy baby boy.

So that's a peek into my day...what did you do?

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