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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jonah's Sixteenth Birthday

Jonah's birthday was this past Sunday, and there's a restaurant in town that has the most amazing Sunday Brunch, so we headed there for our first celebration of the day.
I think we all rolled out of there when we were finished! There are several chefs that make omelets, pancakes, waffles, and crepes to order for you while you wait. My favorites were the Belgian waffle with almond cream and strawberries and the bacon and Swiss omelet. Yum!
Someone was getting a little antsy but had the best time playing Peek-A-Boo with us!

The only thing I didn't love about our fancy brunch was that Ethan had to miss it.
His travel team had their first tournaments over the weekend, and he had a big game Sunday morning.
Something else happened over the weekend that could've been much, much worse, but that still kind of put a damper on the celebratory feeling. When Ethan was driving home from the game Saturday evening, he was in an accident that (we think) totaled the car- someone hit him on the driver's side. Ethan wasn't hurt, of course that's the most important part, but the other reality is that now Bill doesn't have a car. The state troopers on the scene said that we could not drive it anywhere and that it had to be towed.
This comes after a season of really expensive home repairs that of course we weren't anticipating, and then the whole situation with Bill's new car that we later found out had been totaled, salvaged and rebuilt. And that we finally resolved by "forcing" the dealer to pay off the loan and returning the car. So we have the van. And that's it. For seven of us.
The past few weeks, I keep thinking that I don't want to be an adult anymore. 

So anyhoo. Everyone is healthy and well and that stuff is just stuff, it doesn't matter.
But I'll be honest and admit that I was having a hard time afterward, and I felt so bad because none of this was Jonah's fault and I didn't want to ruin his day. In the end, we all had a really nice day, and I'm thankful for that.

I still can't believe that my little guy is now a sixteen year old. I just barely got used to the idea of having one in the house, and then I blink, and it happens all over again. And then Caleb will be up, and it never ends. Time never slows down. All the more reason to do everything I can to let them know how much they mean to me while they're still at home.

 Bright colors and balloons, my staples for parties now that the boys are too old for themes and such

 These paper confetti dots came with a confetti balloon kit, which did not work, by the way. Or was just too time consuming for me to bother with. But the dots looked great all over the table.
Until some got wet and left very dark colored dot stains on the wood.
I found a few on the floor this week, too. Hope they fade. Sigh.
 Jonah requested a marble cake with my fudge cream cheese frosting.
I thought I'd evened out the layers until the guts spilled out because there was too big a gap between them. ha ha ha
Still tasted fantastic.

Selfies with my birthday boys- Levi was eleven months old on Sunday!

Even though this is one of the "big birthdays," Jonah really didn't want a big family party so we celebrated with just grandparents. He was happy with doing some special things one on one with us beforehand, and next week we're taking some of his friends and him to an indoor rock wall climbing place. He will love it.
And let me tell you, sixteen year old boys do not care in the least about the party particulars like we Moms do, so I'll probably just buy some pizza and cupcakes or something for that night.

Happy 16th Birthday, Jonah
I hope all your wishes and dreams come true!

Bill took Jonah out to grab an iced coffee, or maybe it was a latte, can't remember. Then they got an ice cream cake, our favorite. 
We would later find out that it was somebody else's favorite, too...

 He was so excited he couldn't tell up from down!
 Too busy finger painting with ice cream to look up
 Just look at his feet and hands - nonstop motion!
 When his little piece was all gone, he just kept staring at his blue hand like he'd just had the most amazing thing in the world. We were all laughing so hard watching him!

I can't believe I'll be having a First Birthday Party in one month!
I am so excited!

I know that Jonah knew we were feeling stressed about the car accident, and while I hated that it had to happen then, I am proud of his empathy and considerateness. He said that he felt celebrated all weekend long, and that's all that matters to me.

Here are some of Jonah's other parties:

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Jenny said...

Wow! So glad Ethan was alright. How scary! And... Happy belated Birthday to Jonah. :)

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