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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Countdown to ONE: Levi is Eleven Months Old!

Here we are, so close to ONE!
I can hardly believe it.

 Levi's personality has really flourished this month. He's quite charming and funny, and he knows it. ;)
We still have horrendous nights. I know they won't last forever.

Levi still loves it when I sing to him. Sometimes that's the only thing that will make him stop crying, mid-cry- it's really something. But most of the time, he is happy happy happy. He has just learned to put the ball through his basketball hoop, he loves to clap and wave bye-bye, and says Mama, Dada, Hi, and the most adorable hybrid combo of yes, yeah, and yup, which comes out sounding like Yeop. So, so cute.

And he is active.
He just started scooting, peg leg like his big brothers, all over the floor, though his preferred mode of travel is pushing himself backward on his tummy- works great with all our hardwood floors, on the carpet upstairs, not quite so well, ha.
I snapped these pictures fast on Sunday and even within about thirty seconds, this is how he ended up-

Such a sweet, funny little boy!
Happy Eleven Months, buddy!
I'm both excited and sad about your first birthday coming up. That first year is so special and magical, and when it's over, I know it will leave an ache in my heart. Growing up is hard.

And this was an even more special day than usual because it was also Jonah's Sixteenth Birthday!!
I'll post pictures of that soon...

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