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Friday, April 21, 2017

Busy Weeks

We have had a couple of busy weeks in between parties, sports and school things. Plus just regular ol' life. Tomorrow is Friday- hooray!- and it's the last day of school for us for the next week. Double hooray!

I don't write much about my older sons anymore because I feel it's important for me to respect their privacy. That said, I'm still their Mom, and I'm really proud of them, so this, I'm sharing. =)  

Last week, Ethan was inducted into the National Honor Society. Even though it was about a hundred years ago that I was inducted, the ceremony felt exactly the same and it all came rushing back to me as the four candles were lit, ha ha.
 And today I made arrangements for our very first college campus tours and information sessions. It was slightly nerve-wracking/overwhelming, but mostly good, a little exciting even. BU and Northeastern, we're coming for you! I like the idea of him being in Boston- it's such a fun place to visit but not TOO far away, ha!

 I can't tell you what a joy it has been raising this young man. He is such a gift. 
It's funny, I don't really find myself wishing he were younger because I'm so excited to watch him embark on his own adventures, and I know I'll always be a part of that. So if you're lamenting the growing up process, take heart and know there is still so very much to look forward to. 
I would also encourage you to make the most of your time. Be deliberate and intentional, and have FUN together!
Because in some ways it feels like we were just starting out here with him.
It all goes by so incredibly quickly.
 Thank goodness for the railing in the auditorium because that thing kept our little wild one quite entertained. My apologies to the individual who got the cracker thrown at them, though. Oops.

 I also had to ask a friend to take pictures of Ethan up front on stage because we had to bring Levi home. The ceremony was taking forever and a day, and there were still two full rows to get through before Ethan would be up. One of the downfalls of being near the end of the alphabet, I guess.
So yes, we didn't even get to see him or hear his friend introduce him into the society. Bill had already brought Levi home, and I stayed as long as I could, but Bill's texts were coming in fast saying that the baby was crying, screaming, getting inconsolable, come home now... you get the gist. I was disappointed, but what can you do?

On Tuesday night, Isabelle had her big fourth grade play/musical. It was an overview of the different people and settlers of New Hampshire throughout history. The kids wrote the story line themselves and it was so entertaining and clever. I was impressed!
Isabelle had a speaking part and played in the recorder trio for a couple of songs. She did such a good job!
 I wish I'd gotten a close up of her in full costume but I didn't get the chance. Once again, we had to leave early for wild one. I was relieved that all of her performances were in the first half. Phew!
 I'm going to mention here one thing I have noticed, and it bothers me. I'm not yet sure how I'm going to handle it or address it in the future, mainly because Isabelle's teachers are wonderful, wonderful people, and I know they would not intentionally do anything to harm her self-esteem. But I think this issue does need to be addressed in a kind and thoughtful manner.
Since preschool, if there is a non-caucasion role to be had, Isabelle gets assigned to it. I have noticed this with her other darker-skinned friends as well. But yet, several blonde-haired boys and girls, and other fair-skinned children, were also playing the parts of Native Americans, so there is no typecasting going on there. I want my daughter to know that she can be a pilgrim or a queen or any of the other roles being offered to play, because that's the whole nature of play- to dream and pretend and imagine.  
Another thing I'll add is this: I don't believe we should try to pretend that there are no differences among us. This is something I've given a great deal of thought to over the years as I watch Isabelle interact with the world, and the world with her. I understand the reasoning behind some of the arguments to be color-blind or to try to see everyone as the same, but it won't- and shouldn't- work. Color and individuality and uniqueness are what make this world such a beautiful and vibrant place. 

Okay, I didn't plan on writing all that, but as I said, it has been bothering me for some time now. Anyhoo.
 It was SUCH a great play but it got a little loud, and someone got a little nervous.

That someone is currently upstairs screaming his head off and refusing to go to sleep. The one thing we could count on was for him to drift off to sleep peacefully, before waking up seven hundred times each night. But this week he started fighting going to bed, and it has been BRUTAL. We've both been up a handful of times to try and settle him, but as soon as we leave the room, BAM. Scream city. I bet you're jealous, aren't you? :/

Our mornings have been filled with sunshine and birdsong, and that is making this girl one happy camper. It was an incredibly long winter. After the big kids are off to school, it's just Levi and me, and we sing and dance and play and read books. Our mornings are pretty laid back, which I love. 
 Now that he's mobile, he is quite the house-wrecker, ha ha.
 Our busy boy :)

His little foot in this picture kills me
 And seeing him in little soccer shorties pajamas... can't even handle it!
That pile of clothes on the right are good finds for next fall and winter, so naturally, I started going through his newborn and teeny tiny baby clothes to give away or sell. Big mistake. I was a wreck. I'm ready, but I'm not ready, ya know? One gearing up for college and another who just turned one - my Mama heart just can't take it!!!

I got to meet up with a friend this week and we walked all over town with our little guys. They were so good, and we had the best time, but I didn't get even one picture! It's like it didn't even happen if there's no photo to document it, right? ha ha
This one is actually from the night before his big birthday, but I think it shows that twinkle in his eye and that mischievous grin of his. He has been SO funny lately. He's taken to bobbing back and forth when you're holding him, like dancing, and he KNOWS it gets such a reaction, so then he does it even more. It is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. He still smooches me all day long, but he has started leaning his forehead in to the boys when they're holding him, so their foreheads are touching, and he just stays like that. It's so cute! He's usually babbling a mile a minute too, and his voice is the sweetest. I can't wait to hear him really say words.


Well, now it's Friday morning. We never recovered from last night's screaming, and I ended up in bed by 8:15, fighting off a migraine and chills, while Bill rocked and walked Levi for a long while. I did sleep for a few hours so I feel better, thankfully. But it was another looooong night. And we had been doing so much better earlier this week! Argh.

It's pouring rain out, so I'm thinking we're going to have a nice, peaceful day inside. I am so close to getting the last of the doors painted, but I haven't touched them since before Levi's party and I want them finished already. Perhaps today is the day. I'll have to share some After pics of our dining room and family room, too- it has made such a difference and I like the space so much better now. 

Hope you have a really great weekend!

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