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Thursday, April 27, 2017

How to Make a Mini Birthday Crown

We celebrated a first birthday here not too long ago, and it was just the BEST day.
I wrote a detailed post about it here if you'd like to read more. 
The party was mostly a giant DIY effort, and I love how everything turned out, especially this little birthday crown. So I thought I'd share the instructions for how to make one of your own.

I should mention that for me, personally, this crown is more like a cute prop and was not intended to be saved along with other cherished baby things. I just wanted some nice pictures of our little birthday boy wearing a little crown, that's all. I'll probably be throwing it out in the near future, actually. If you're interested in more of an heirloom crown, I'd check out the links at the bottom of the post for sure.

 The crown made a great photo prop, too.

Okay, first things first.
I found everything I needed at WalMart, though I'm sure any craft store would also have what you need. Here is a list of materials:

2 remnants of same color felt, approx 12 inches by 5 inches (I bought 2 felt square sheets sold in the craft dept)
1 sheet sparkly foam, main color
1 sheet sparkly foam, contrasting color
3/4 - 1" wide non-wired ribbon (I used satin), approx 12 inches long
sparkly ribbon, approx 12 inches long
1/4 inch elastic, approx 10 inches 
empty cardboard spool of Offray or similar ribbon 
tacky glue or hot glue
Here is a basic template you can follow. Cut ONE piece of felt to match this, or whatever style you prefer, and save the second piece of felt for the next step. Please note that if you're using a different cardboard spool, then you will need to adjust the length of the crown piece accordingly.

Here is a BIG TIP for you: Place the cut out crown piece on top of the un-cut piece of felt, pinning together if necessary, and sew along the the peaks. I used a bigger stitch length since I wanted it to look neat and almost like an embellishment, and I stitched fairly close to the edge. Then cut close to the stitching. So easy and it looks fabulous.

I don't have a picture to share of this part, sorry.

In the photo below, you can see the stitches along the peaks, although it is already sewn up the back. Just pretend it looks like the template drawing. Leave the bottom area open for now.
After you've sewn the two pieces of felt together, simply cut along the edges, and voila! This is SO much easier than trying to stitch together those two pieces with the peaks and points already cut. And yes, in case you're wondering, I do my very best work in pajamas and my fluffy pink robe. :)

You can also make whichever number you need. One of the sparkly sheets had a sticky layer after peeling away the paper, and for the other piece I used tacky glue.
I ended up chopping off the lower part later on because it wouldn't all fit on the crown. Oops.

Next, trace two circles on felt using the spool as a guide, then cut. Glue one piece on each side. I tried using a glue stick but it wouldn't hold the felt in place. I used tacky glue and that worked great.
NOTE: To make a smaller crown, cut edges of the spool off. I kind of wish I had done this. Next time. Remember to adjust your crown piece if you do.

The edges are a bit longer in the template so you can sew them together. First, simply sew the end pieces Right Sides Together. Next, turn the crown inside out and stitch down each side of the center seam. It keeps the edges out of the way and looks great on the outside a well. It gives the look of a Flat Felled Seam, a nice, polished seam.

Make sure the edges of the seam are open and flat on the inside when stitching the lines on the outside.

Here is the inside after stitching the lines. Now trim the excess, cutting close to the stitches.

Now you're ready to add the elastic. I used a piece about 10 inches long, but you might need more or less depending on what feels right for your little one's head. I'd imagine you'd need a little more if you're making the crown for a toddler or an older child. Maybe? Do head sizes change that much?

Regardless, mark the center of each side of the crown and insert the elastic in between the two layers at the bottom. No photo of this either, sorry. I recommend stitching the elastic in place rather than just relying on glue. You can do this with the machine or by hand. I ran each side through the machine, going forwards and backwards a couple times to tack it in place securely. I figured he'd tug at it (a lot) so it needed to be really secure.

Lastly, carefully insert the covered spool inside the crown until the edges meet.

I just wrote- and deleted- an entire paragraph dedicated to explaining gluing, tucking under ends of ribbon, and matching seams, etc. when I just looked at the crown and saw that I did none of those things. HA! I overlapped some of the ribbon and just glued it down flat and with a "raw" edge. Nothing fell apart or frayed, so it's all good. 

And there you have it. An inexpensive, adorable DIY mini birthday crown for your special little someone.

And because a crown is really only as cute as the little birthday boy wearing it, here's one more photo...  ;)

Oops, I lied. One last last photo.

I feel I should mention that the inspiration for this birthday crown is from HERE and  HERE, and they are affordable and adorable if you don't feel up to trying to make your own. Not an ad, I just like supporting fellow artisans. :)

That's it! Let me know if you make one so I can see your pictures!

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