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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Recap

There are a million and one things running through my mind right now, but really all I can focus on is the fact that my little guy is turning one on Wednesday. I'm not ready! I don't want our first year to be over yet.
Well, with the impending snowstorm over the weekend, we hit the grocery store on Friday for a few essentials, along with the rest of the city, ha. Someone kept himself quite busy- and happy- checking himself out in the mirror while we shopped. :)

Oops, I got a little ahead of myself.
I posted this on IG... I was making lunches and getting breakfast ready, you know the usual early morning drill, when I turned around and unexpectedly saw this. Wow.

Isn't that just the best sight ever to see first thing in the morning?!

And here is what was going on Saturday.
Awesome. #notreally

We lingered in our pajamas for a looong while on Saturday.
That baby hawk! I die.

I'm so sick of cold and snow I didn't even go outside.
 But I did work on a few pretty things for customers. :)

 Friday night was okay, up just a handful of time with Levi, but Saturday night was pretty terrible. We finally fell back to sleep around 6 am after being up for a few hours, and then of course, woke up with a start at 8:09, which feels suuuuper late to me. We were going to our old church, too, which started at 9, so great. It was a frantic half and hour but we made it. I don't know exactly how I feel about being there, but it was okay. We left that church with gaping wounds five years ago, but it didn't feel awful being there again. I don't know what happens from here.
 Ready in record time AND looking cute. Win win!

I look kind of funny here, but this was the face of a very happy Mama.
The sun was shining for the first time in several days, and the temperature was above freezing. Hooray!
Aaaaand, I was picking up some things for Levi's party and taking my sweet old time because I was all by myself. Aah.
Has anyone tried one of those charcoal masks? I'd love to hear about it if you have. I can tell the pores on my nose are different - stress?- and I saw that video of the mask literally pulling the ick right out of your skin. It was SO gross but I kind of love that stuff. Weird, I know.

I posted this picture on Sunday night. Where has my tiny baby gone? I cannot take it.

This was taken this morning, so technically no longer the weekend, but how can I NOT post this brotherly sweetness? Truth be told, I had a rotten day - I am desperate for cute birthday pictures, only my model refused, every single thing I tried. Ugh!- but watching moments like these just make me smile so big.

We had another awful night last night, and another molar is popping through, so I'm not holding out much hope for tonight either. Blech. I want to be excited about his birthday, but I feel like I'm absolutely dreading it instead. Oh this growing up business is so hard!
Tomorrow is it, the last day before his big day. Just breathe, just breathe....

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