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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Ethan's Adrenaline-Filled Eighteenth Birthday Week

We figured, for your eighteenth birthday, you go big. And I'm so glad we did.

I love this guy so much. He made me a Mommy, and now he is getting ready to head out on his own. I'm excited for his future, which is a good thing because it's the only thing keeping me from breaking down and sobbing when I think about it all.

We wanted his eighteenth birthday to be something he'd never forget, a memory to always look back on and smile big. I sure hope that's the case! We had both grandparents over for cake, well, the brownie with cream cheese topping- which shall be called brownie cheesecake from now on, as that's what it really is anyway- and presents one evening, and Bill took the day off work to take him out for the day doing guy stuff. Which ended up including sushi, I'm told. And I may have been a little jealous. HA

 We have enjoyed getting to know his girlfriend, whose name I don't feel the need to mention. :) It's actually quite fun getting to hang out with them. She spent part of his actual birthday with us, before we headed out for adventure. Aren't they the sweetest looking couple?!

Then it was my turn!
We ventured out to Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, NH on Sunday, his actual birthday.
It was fantastic! I highly recommend visiting if you find yourself in the area.

First up, getting fitted for harnesses and helmets, and riding up up up to the zip line courses.
I had never been. And I was a little nervous! The view was spectacular. It always makes me think about how creative and fun our God truly is, to create such breathtakingly beautiful sights for us.

We crossed rickety rope bridges, climbed moving platform things, and at this junction, a hawk's nest was next to us and the two baby birds were hopping on the branches, sizing us up. That was so neat.

Look! I did it!
Oh, and ladies, do not wear shorts. I repeat, do not wear shorts. Why did I not know this?
Wear capri pants, snug-fitting leggings, bike shorts, even jeans. But Do Not Wear Shorts.
ha ha

Ethan said he was proud of me. I will never forget that.
I'm afraid of heights, and wiggly things. So, yeah, big day for me too.

Next up, the real adventure... hang gliding!

We watched a teen girl go up first, and I was glad because I could see where I'd need to walk around to capture some good shots. The weather was gorgeous, just perfect. It was rather windy, so we did have to wait an hour or so for them to decide if it was safe enough to fly, and thankfully the winds calmed and off he went. I did not go up, but I do want to someday. :)

Also, just look at him. Eighteen years old. How can it be?
My heart begins to race just thinking about how it has all gone by this quickly, especially when, years ago, it seemed to drag on forever. Time is a cruel, funny thing.

Ethan said it was amazing. It sure looked amazing!
This day, the whole week, really, will forever stand out in my mind as one of the best.
Happy Birthday, Ethan! So proud to be your Mom and Dad.

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Terra Heck said...

Happy birthday to your son! Looks like he had a great one. I've never been zip lining but would love to someday.
You're right about time and how it creeps up on us. My son just turned 18 years old two days ago. And, he's moving into his own apartment tomorrow. Sigh...

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