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Monday, August 14, 2017

Ten on Ten :: August 2017

Well, I missed this one. Really. It didn't even occur to me that the tenth had passed until...yesterday, maybe? I generally know the days of the week, but after Ethan's birthday week, I lost track of it all, ha ha. No bother, it's my blog, and I will just do an amended version of ten on ten today. :)

Thursday, the 10th, was the only day we didn't have anything going on, so I caught up on housework, got more groceries, recovered from all the go-go-go, and just basically had the lamest summer day you can possibly have. And I don't regret it, ha. We needed a down day!

This morning view is my favorite. He is usually such a happy camper when he wakes up.
Well, for the second time. He's up between 4:30 and 5:30 to nurse and then he sleeps on our bed for another hour or so. It used to be after seven, but now he's waking up around 6:00. That isn't too much fun.

So technically, this happened the day before, but again, my blog my rules. ha ha
We met friends and headed to a water park. We had such a great time!

 And who left the sunglasses too close to the edge of the table?
This girl. So sad. RIP discount store aviators.

Never gets old. I could stare at his sleeping self all day long.

I headed to the grocery store, my home away from home.
For probably the third time in five days. 
It isn't even that I forget stuff, but the humidity makes everything go bad so quickly, so I just get fewer things but have to get them more frequently.
Can't win. ;) Anyhoo, this deer greeted me as I was about to pull into our driveway, only she let me watch her for a long time. I parked the van and zipped down the hill, thinking she'd dart off, but she stayed. Then a few minutes later, she met up with her brother and I watched the two of them before heading back inside to reality, ha ha
 Also, to be clear, I have no idea about the gender of either of the deer. We have watched them since they had spots, and I just came to think of them as brother and sister. :)

Later, I worked on these cute lovey blankets- they are the only thing that helped Levi sleep in his crib- and I'll be listing some in the shop soon.

I can't believe how quickly summer has flown by. We head back in just over two weeks, and some days I feel really ready, and others, not so much. Time just won't slow down!

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