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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fall Trips to our Favorite Farms

It was an interesting start to the week yesterday.

It was my birthday, we woke up to no power because of furious wind and rain, and a school delay-turned-cancellation.

Let me tell you, nothing says Happy Birthday quite like waking up to darkness and not being able to take a shower, and basically looking and feeling like crud all day long, AND dealing with grumpy people. Lots of grumpy people, ha. But you know what? These are temporary circumstances, and I couldn't help but think of those who underwent so much worse than me all during Harvey and Irma, and who are still feeling the effects. Today the alarm went off, I even got myself a cup of hot tea, and it feels pretty darn good. I'll write more about the day later, but for now, I wanted to post about our trips to the farm and orchard before I blink and it's Christmas!

Caleb was really sick two weeks ago, poor guy, but he'd made enough of a recovery by the third day that he felt okay taking a little road trip. It was such a gorgeous fall day, the kind you just want to drink and in and savor forever.

We had the place to ourselves for the most part since it's past peak season, but this is a strange year for bees and wasps- they were everywhere! We couldn't get away from them and we hadn't even gotten the cider donuts yet!

That's partly the reason I took pictures super fast- I was terrified of poor Levi getting stung!

We think he liked his vantage point from up here. :)

I was going to back up and snap a few, because it was so, so cute, but again, cute picture VS. nasty bee sting, and it just didn't make sense to take the risk.

There's a fantastic play area for children there. I can hardly believe I've been taking my kids to this place since they were Levi's age. That's a lot of years!!

Clearly Levi is thrilled to share this with me, ha ha. Just kidding, he had lots of fun.

Such a great big brother!

 Levi was trying his hardest to pick up the heaviest pumpkins. Then he started patting them- I think he liked how cool and smooth they felt against his little palm.

The leaves were just beginning to turn then, but it's still such a fabulous view.

Love these two so much!

I think his feelings about posing with pumpkins at this point are pretty clear. :)

Then on Saturday, we brought the youngest three to one of our favorite family farms. We had visited the weekend prior, but there were cars parked all up and down the road for half a mile, plus the entire lot next to the farm was entirely filled up. Hello, we are Bill and Bethany, and we do not handle crowds well. There, I said it.

This gem greeted us on the way in.

He had just had an encounter with an overly-friendly/ambitious goat, and he was still reeling from that a bit here. ha ha ha

We've been visiting Sunny the Pony for over a decade now. She's so sweet.

Say hi to a little sheep. Clearly the sheep is not returning Levi's friendly advances.

Ah yes, the goat. We took some video of their squabble, it was hilarious! Levi just started scolding (in his own unintelligible language) this goat, who had gotten a bit too close for his comfort, and the expressions on his face and the tone of  his voice was hysterical. I wonder where he's seen that modeled before, hmm...
 I think the goat does look a little sassy. Don't you?

I thought this was such a sweet scene

I may have posted this one before, but it's worth repeating. Those are the poster faces of someone who is over it. ha ha Except Isabelle, she can be in the middle of a screaming match and then whip out the prettiest smile you ever saw. Girls. ;)

After the storm yesterday, the trees are quite bare now. I'm glad I took the pictures I did!

How has your fall been?

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