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1 Corinthians 3:17

Monday, November 6, 2017

Our Family Themed Fairytale Halloween 2017

It's hard to believe that this was nearly one week ago! It's the first family theme we've ever done, and while I'm a little sad that it didn't include ALL of us, that didn't stop me from having lots of fun with the whole thing.

Somewhere along the way Isabelle and I came up with the idea about Little Red and her Big Bad Wolfie. We could even reuse her Laura Ingalls Wilder outfit, which is always music to my ears! But then I wanted to participate, which meant I forced the hubs to participate, ha ha, and it just worked out great.

Truth be told, I had seen one image on Pinterest where the Mom was the hunter and the Dad was Granny. I thought they looked SO cute and I couldn't wait to try that. However, Isabelle was having a fit and refused to cooperate. Fun, right? And also, if I were to take a completely honest viewpoint, it just didn't look that cute for us. It was kind of creepy, and not in the good way.

So back to the traditional roles we went. Scowling faces somewhat restored. And we did have fun. First , there was a big trick or treat party at the high school, so we met with friends and had a blast there. Then we were going to have a fun trick or treat brunch, but either everyone got sick or had last minute things come up, so we had to postpone that, and on Halloween night, it was just the four of us, walking all over our neighborhood under a nearly full moon, and it was such a beautiful, balmy fall night. I'm calling Halloween 2017 a big success. :)

 Happy Halloween from the Hunter, Granny, Little Red & the Big Bad Wolf!!

I just realized that I've got some really cute pictures still on my phone and I hear someone upstairs, so I'll have to get to those later. How was DST for you? Surprisingly, things went pretty smoothly here. I was shocked!
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