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Monday, November 13, 2017

Ten on Ten // November 2017

I couldn't believe how quickly October flew by, and now we're nearing the middle of November! Why is time speeding up? And how can I stop it?

Friday was the 10th, and there was no school due to Veteran's Day. It was a really low key day, which actually felt really nice. Poor Ethan was sick and had to forego driving up to Maine to meet up with my Dad for a few days, and then Jonah started feeling kinda lousy. Obviously that part wasn't nice, but I tried to make them feel better with lots of yummy treats and stuff.

Well let me back up a bit. This nugget has been having some sleep regression so we were up and at 'em early early.

It was hailing and snowing outside, which was a complete surprise- I know I took a picture of it but I can't find it, weird- and Levi played in our room while I made the bed up. Of course we had to have hot cocoa since it was the first snow!

He licked the whipped cream off the spout but had zero interest in the hot chocolate. Silly boy.

Isabelle wanted to take a hot bubble bath, and Levi was acting tired and fussy, so I popped him in the sink for a little bubble bath of his own.

 His little serious face kills me. He really was having fun, promise!
This was also right before he yanked the faucet and sprayed water all over the window sill. HA

Thankfully he took a nap. I've become obsessed with taking sleeping pictures of him. I mean, how can I not? Look at him!

I'm cheating with this photo, it's older. But I did spend time simply enjoying our fall decorations, and planning ahead for Christmas. I put up just a couple of small things before Thanksgiving but don't all-out decorate until that weekend. I've loved our fall things but I'm definitely getting the itch for Christmas everything!

The kids were all plugged into something while I tried to get some sewing done. I figured it was a day off so they should be able to enjoy it with something I'm normally much stricter about.
 Next, I was photographing nightgowns and pajama pants in the sun room, only it was freezing out there, ha!

After my husband got home, I headed out for a bit - JoAnn Fabric and the grocery store. Patterns were on sale! They're like my drug. I can't get enough. I love making these fun tops for Isabelle. (Also, I don't sell things that I make from patterns like these- these are just for fun.)

Here's one of the small Christmas things :)
Isabelle was modeling one of my new designs- the listing is here if you want to see the whole thing.

I was running late because everything was taking soooo long, and I had the most of the stuff for pizza, so they couldn't really get started without me. Yes, I know, Friday nights are Burger Nights, but I'm the boss and I mandated a change, ha ha. Doesn't that look so good?! It's BBQ Chicken Pizza, sooo yummy!

I was in bed pretty early. #lame 
Or #momlife
You decide, ha! I think these dark afternoons are making me think it's time for bed by seven o'clock, yikes.

And that was my day. I love looking back on posts like these. I always think I'll remember every single detail, or at least the big ones, and I don't. I would forget everything if I didn't write it down or blog about it. Granted, it may not seem like much for the time being, but in a few years, it seems really special to have these details. Now it's late, so goodnight!

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