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1 Corinthians 3:17

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Our New England Christmas Home

It has been so hard to try to blog lately! Here is a quick look at some Christmas cheer in our home this year. I'm quite smitten with this new shelf/ mug rack. I ordered it from Target- it was just over twenty bucks and it was exactly what I'd been looking for (and not finding!), so I'm thrilled.

I wrote on instagram recently that I've gotten used to cooking and eating by the glow of twinkling lights, I'm really going to miss it. And Christmas decor does not linger in our house, so its days are limited for sure, ha.

I finally added the mirrors I'd had for, umm, only seven or eight months. And made this fun plaid pillow cover for an easy nod to cozy, Christmas cheer in our room. Nothing major, but it's nice to have a little something.

We still don't have a mantel because we can't agree, ha ha, but the moving decoration on the hearth is just right. ;)

Even Sophie likes to relax by the lights. They're magic! :)

I've got to go and help the hubby finish a biiiiiig Christmas surprise for one of our little cherubs.... I'll post about it soon! Have the Merriest Christmas!

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