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Monday, December 11, 2017

Ten on Ten :: December 2017 (A Whole Year!!!)

One whole year of taking ordinary pictures of our ordinary moments on the tenth of each month!
Yesterday was a jam-packed one, and now here we are at the beginning of Birthday Week for Caleb and Isabelle!

Our first real snow of the season arrived Saturday, and since none of us has been feeling very well (and our nights are awful again, whyyyyyyy), we stayed home from church and enjoyed a low key morning. Daddy made us cinnamon rolls and eggs and piping hot coffee. Yum!

Levi found this old, ready to be tossed trial sized toothpaste and fell madly in love. We couldn't get it away from him. Here he pointing out a jingle bell from the tree. Note the left hand, and he's clutching the cap in his right hand there, ha ha ha

Isabelle had been reading in bed and when she finally came down, I made her an orange juice spritzer and told her that I was taking her out for a date that afternoon. :)

We decorated these Saturday night, and obviously they were part of my breakfast feast. Obviously. ;)

More playing. And I've been trying to get a cute picture of them in their Christmas pajamas, ones that I made. Isabelle and I have matching nightgowns, and I'm thinking of selling a few Mother-Daughter sets in the shop. Any interest in that?

 I love his raised little foot here. Before this scene, he'd completely emptied out sister's mitten box and was trying to hard to get her gloves on his hand. He likes the snow, so far anyway!

My throat was really hurting and I felt kind of dizzy/nauseous, so I enjoyed watching them from the inside. They had so much fun!

All dressed up for... the Nutcracker! It was beautiful.

This boy was missing his Mama, so I played with him for a long while after I got back. He loves holding onto the edge of a blanket or sheet and playing parachute. So cute!

After dinner, we headed out for our annual cocoa and lights drive that we do every year on Caleb's birthday. This year, Tuesday would not work because of basketball and Ethan's job, so we did it a little early. I can't believe how grown up Caleb looks here. Almost fifteen! Where does the time go?

 Daddy used to carry them all to the van so their feet wouldn't get cold, and it became a thing. So many years, so many memories. Now Levi is the only one to carry.

Here is the one truly decked out house near our neighborhood. It's impressive! This is a photo from the video I took, so it doesn't do it justice. I think I posted it on my stories on IG - I'm @bethanyliv_s life if you want to see the whole thing.

Now I'm off to go cook some oatmeal for my crew. Hope you have a great start to your week!

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