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Monday, March 12, 2018

Finally a FUN Weekend!

Hey hey, it's Monday morning! We had a pretty great weekend around here and it was SO needed. This time of year gets really depressing for us, as the weather is often disagreeable and you're still kind of stuck indoors a lot. Our last snowstorm on Thursday left things looking absolutely beautiful, for sure- so sparkly!!!- but at this point, I am done. Done with cold things. Just done, ha ha.

So...Friday night was a low-key family night, Dad made us waffles Saturday morning, and then we ventured to one of the "big" malls nearby. There had been another stop planned, but lack of self control and poor attitude canceled that trip for the time being, ugh. One of these days she will learn...I hope!!! There was another big yucky incident later in the day, with another child, and it's hard to not let those moments/situations ruin everything else. Motherhood is so hard! Did you already know that? Sorry for the spoiler if you didn't.

Well anyway, we let this guy get out and WALK, which we have actually never done before. Look at him! He thought he OWNED the place!

Just a baby bro and his big bro. I die.

Fresh pretzel and mustard, yum! We also tried to cinnamon sugar bite-sized ones, and were they good! Levi was a big fan, ha ha.

Wanting what's in that cup, too...

Yup. A big fan. :)

And then someone had to climb through all the displays and signs. Of course.

A little window shopping...

Now we all thought this kid was going to run for the hills when he saw that big bunny, but he was intrigued. He just kept staring and getting closer and closer, and then when the bunny waved at him, he looked a bit starstruck. ha ha ha We were not expecting that! We figured he'd be screaming by this point. Funny boy! I grabbed him after he darted under that rope, we waved from there, and kept going. Remembering back to Santa, I'm sure if he were face to face, there would have been some drama.

Aww, just a few months ago and he looks so much smaller there. Stop growing up so fast!

Look at that smirk! He liked driving!

Notice Caleb's enthusiasm, ha ha ha

Thankfully Levi didn't fall asleep in the car so he had a nice nap after we got home. The sun was shining (but it was windy and cold) so Isabelle went outside to build this cutie- she is seriously the best! I could never make a snowman like that!

We went for a walk, still freezing, and then tried playing with bubbles for a bit. He couldn't have cared less, but then he liked stomping on the ones on the ground. I think he wanted to be in the snow, and Mama did not want to be in the snow. So...sorry, kid.

Then of course, we braced ourselves for Daylight Savings Time. Such a cruel thing to do to parents of young kids. The first day is usually okay, but we've learned it's the next couple days that are just OFF.

Someone wanted to touch the screen to take the pic, ha! So smart! :)

He did it!

Mama's turn...those eyes! That grin! I love it all.

Ethan was sweet with Isabelle and played outside with her lots of times this week and weekend.

We dropped Jonah off at work- they called him in a panic, since he isn't normally allowed to work on Sundays, and we said it was okay. I brought Isabelle along and we went to the bookstore- she's had a gift card burning a hole in her pocket. She has the hardest time deciding, and I don't want to tell her what to get, so I ended up guiding her to the sale section after not finding much in the regular part. She was eager to save a few bucks because she wanted to surprise Levi with a new toy. Aww, talk about restoring hope in my heart. I thought that was so sweet, so I will make myself remember that sweet spirit the next time she is sassing and being snarly and disagreeable. It's in there, ha!

It was fun spending some time alone together :)

When we got home, dinner was nearly made, so my day got even better! Levi, who has been whiny in the bath lately, just had a great old time in there, so that was extra nice too. Just really little things, but lots of them this weekend, and it was great. Hope yours was too!

Here's a question for you, totally random: does anyone have a product for cracked feet/heels? Mine have gotten out of control and it is SO gross and SOOO painful! Help!


BarbaraThompson said...

Yes, a friend recommended Organic All purpose Balm by The Honest Company. Use it at night, put on some socks and go to seep. It works like magic. I got it on Amazon. Have a great week!!

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

Barbara, I will try that! THANK YOU!!! :)

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