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Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites...Dreaming of Spring!

Guess what just happened?? Little man has discovered how to hoist his little self up onto the couch! That part is fine, it's the standing and jumping up and down on the cushions that is terrifying me. Maybe I should just move the coffee table right out of there because I foresee some bumps and bruises with this new milestone.


I was looking through some old Easter pictures earlier this morning when my stomach just got all twisted up and I had the sharpest pain in my side. It was AWFUL. Like, it made me cry it hurt so bad. And then I got sick, but by that point I was actually hopeful that if I threw up already I might feel better. Not quite. However, as the morning progressed, I did start to feel okay. So weird!

One of my favorite Easter traditions has always been making Isabelle's dress each year, just like my Mom made a dress for me every Easter growing up. I haven't decided on the style yet for this year, so I'd better decide soon! I may make a coordinating one for myself, too. :)

Those photos above just melt my heart! That was our first Easter with Isabelle home (2009), my first Easter as a Mama of a little girl. I made her three separate dresses that year for all the different celebrations and parties, ha! I loved every minute of it, too.

 I think I must have had a five year old taking this picture, ha ha!

This picture gets me every time as well. That's my Dad, and those smiles just mean the world to favorites! And I LOVED her dress that year.

Fussing over my kids on their birthdays is my favorite thing! We celebrated Jonah's 17th birthday, eek! The second son to hit seventeen. It seems so hard core, so...not little kid anymore...duh because it isn't! And yes, it makes ME feel old too, sigh.

Taken a few summer back, but I just love this picture. Look at his eyes! They are incredibly gorgeous!

Levi and I stole Jonah away from school for a bit for a little Dunkin' treat. We had a great day!

Putting up happy little touches of SPRING inside and adding Easter decor is my favorite! (I'm going to do a full post on our dining room next week, so check back if you want to see and read about my most meaningful treasures.) match all the spring going on on the outside, ha ha

Yesterday was a snow day and Isabelle made this. She is a great snowman-maker!

Mommy and me time is my favorite- sometimes I think poor Levi gets the very short end of the stick having to be stuck with poor Old Mom day in and day out, but most of the time, he doesn't seem to mind. :) Just this week, he put a few puzzle pieces together at the library- I was really excited about it, ha! And I've decided that I'm wearing spring colors regardless of the actual weather, so I put on lots of warm corals and peaches this week. I laughed when Isabelle dressed her snowman (girl?) similarly.

I have to catch up on some orders today and this weekend as well, though you will never hear me complaining about working with these pretty pink prints. Isn't this combo so sweet?!? It's my current favorite!
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