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Monday, March 19, 2018

Just Some Fun Moments with My Kids

This weekend was full of unexpected little fun moments with each of my boys. It just worked out like that, and I loved every second!

Isabelle and Daddy went birthday shopping for one of her friends and then to the library, and I had to send off some things in the mail, so I forced Caleb to come with me...mainly so I could leave Levi with him in the car while I ran into the post office. How considerate of me, right? We stopped by good ole Mickey D's for a little treat. It was St. Patty's Day after all. ;) I don't know what's happening, but Levi's reservedness is sort of vanishing before our eyes, ha ha ha.

Normally they make the hot chocolate SO hot, I thought I was being so clever by adding ice to his sippy cup first. I poured some in and then tested it...grosssss! I didn't realize there was leftover apple juice in there, and I added way too much ice so it wasn't even warm. Whoops. That's how he ended up with the cup, ha! No major spills...phew!

This might have been from during the school week... Levi was not feeling it, but they looked so cute in their Irish shirts. We picked them up at The Children's Place for three bucks last weekend!

Not even making muscles made him happy. Oh well. #youwinsomeyoulosesome

Isabelle was at the birthday party, Caleb was invited to sleep over at a friend's house, and Ethan was working, so we took advantage of my having ZERO desire to cook a meal and headed for Chinese with these two. It was fabulous! Although I still feel stuffed, ugh.

Oops, these are out of order...Daddy made us green waffles on Saturday morning. Ignore that smirk, he gobbled them right up!

Sorry boys, they were chewing but I just love this image for so many reasons. Motherhood sure can surprise you.

And the day before, we took Ethan out for breakfast, which was supposed to have happened a bit ago (Valentine's Day). I just had to snap these pictures of Levi because he was making the funniest faces. I don't even know why!

He saw a crowd and got a little nervous. That's more what we're used to.

He was SO proud for opening that butter! hahahaha

And pretending to take big bites out of it!!

I was feeling kind of crummy one afternoon so I left Bill in charge and headed for the bathtub. I guess I should have locked the door, ha! He found me!

This cracked me up so bad- he knew he should pull up his sleeves before taking the plunge.

Ooh, bubbles!!

Just a remarkably goofy picture of me with this handsome guy on a pick up day. I had just done a fast grocery store trip so of course I had to get him a little something. ;) And no, I can't quit that coral scarf because it's so springy looking and so NOT springy feeling here. C'mon spring! We're ready for you!

These next pictures are grainy and blurry but I don't care because some things just need to be documented, ya know? :)

Levi Matthew slept until 7:00 IN HIS CRIB one morning!!! 7 AM!!! I can count the number of times that had happened on one hand, folks. One hand. Two fingers, if you want to get technical, ha ha ha. So this was the third time little man slept in his crib all night long. The first time was actually when the crib was still in our room, and then he managed this feat back in the fall in his own room, which of course got me all geared up. And then we had another major regression, ugh, but we seem to have come into our own lately. It's heavenly.

Also, this has been a very big week or so for Levi because I started putting him in his crib for naptime! At first I just wandered around my empty room feeling a little lost and sad, so I'd sneak into his room and take approximately three million pictures of him sleeping to ease the pain. Well, now I'm mostly used to this newer arrangement and it's feeling pretty good. :)

Such a big, big boy now!!!

Levi has been a big fan of having his face covered since infancy. It scared me much more then than it does now, but obviously I still don't love it. This is another reason why I check on him frequently! I push his lovey to the side- and he loves that pillow over the top of his head, too!- and he turns his little face up into it. Sweetest thing ever.

Okay, so I have a thing for striped socks! Look at those little feet sticking out!!!!

Aren't you so proud of me??!!??

I slept so good, Mom. Now give me a toy from my shelf! ha ha ha

And because there really is nothing cuter than a baby in a onesie (except a sleeping baby, ha ha). Lots of our mornings consist of sweet little moments like these: me folding laundry, making beds, etc while he follows me around and "reads" me stories. I love it so much!

Nothing extraordinary but so special at the same time. I know I'll want to look back and remember these moments.

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