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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Selfie King

We'd been bracing ourselves for a predicted Nor'easter yesterday, but there wasn't much snow or sleet, and we didn't lose power, a major win in my book. Still, it was one of those long, boring days where you feel trapped inside but you don't really feel like doing anything at all. Restless. So I made was Cookie Friday after all.

This is probably one of the silliest posts ever, but I just have to share because I know I won't ever want to forget: we are going to start calling Levi the Selfie King, ha ha ha. There is a reason I dislike young kids having electronics in their hands, and lately I'm reminded often why I feel this way. This kid can grab my phone off the table, the counter, my night stand...almost anywhere... and he is obsessed. Like addicted-obsessed. And he cannot control his emotions when I take the phone away from him. Oh the hollering and the tears.

So anyway, little smarty pants figured out to access the camera and tap to selfie mode. I don't even know how he did this- I don't allow him to play with my phone. Correction: I didn't used to allow him, but his little selfies are the cutest things ever so I'm in quite the quandary here. And then to add insult to injury, he learned how to take "bursts" and is 100% addicted- we think he likes the sound, because he gets such a look of incredible satisfaction when he hears that dah-dah-dah-dah noise. Some of his bursts are like 89 photos! Ha ha ha ha

So without further ado, here are some recent selfies from our own little selfie king:

He still wakes up early, between 4 and 5, but I can usually get him back to sleep in our bed for another hour or more. So he had woken up around 6 and we read stories together...I didn't even realize I'd placed my phone somewhere on the side of the bed, but he found it!

 Not that his siblings encourage this or anything...

 I left it on a chair while I went to get the sidewalk chalk off the shelf in the garage...

Phone was on the table and he climbed from the bench to the table top to get it...

Also, in looking at these, I see that he generally always has food on his face.  #fifthkidprobs

In totally unrelated news, I figured out a way to add my blog photos into specific albums, very similar to the way it used to work. This makes me verrrrry happy. I'd be willing to bet that this probably is not news to any of you, ha, but I'll share my tips anyway. Maybe it will help out one other not-super-tech-savvy Mama like myself!

And now I can hear the selfie king talking to Daddy upstairs- oh how I adore listening to that little sing-song voice of his in the early morning! Have a great weekend!

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