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Thursday, April 19, 2018

A Week in the Life of Us

Sometimes I like to post a Day in the Life, but then I got thinking that one day I would love to be able to look back and have some more specific details about our family life as a whole at this stage of life. You know, before BIG changes happen later this year. #idontwannatalkaboutit

Our mornings are fairly routine. When Caleb was around four months old, and still not sleeping, Bill started leaving for work around 4:20 AM. It allows him to avoid most traffic delays for the commute, and he is always available to watch a game after school. And help out with dinner! That's huge. I admit, this schedule is wearing on us both now, but it still works. Especially since this little guy still wakes up between 4 and 5 most mornings before I put him back to sleep.

So anyway, I'm used to tackling the morning routine solo. Lots of times, monkey boy is hollering (in the funny "come get me!" way) by 6:30, and one of the boys runs upstairs to get him. I think they really like that, too.

Three out of four boys are usually in a good mood early in the morning. Any guesses? ha ha ha

One or two school mornings each week, I make pancakes. Other mornings are toast and eggs or something quick, but it's usually hot. We love our big carb-fest breakfasts over the weekend, too. Which, when coupled with the cruddy weather, that makes me want to eat comfort food and NOT go for a run in the freezing cold, has proven detrimental to my swimsuit shopping endeavors for our big trip. Yikes!!!

Wednesday mornings are busy- everyone except Ethan piles in the van for the various drop-offs. Isabelle goes in early to help out in the elementary school on Wednesdays. I bring the younger boys in on Fridays, too.

Then it's play time. Or destroy the house time. I throw in another load of laundry, clean up (yeah, that doesn't usually go far with the tornado running loose), and get ready for the day. Honestly, once or twice a week, we aren't dressed before ten. I'm okay with it. :) If Levi is still playing happily at this point, then I get some sewing done.

Most Tuesdays, we're getting groceries. I just noticed that he's in pajamas, so this must have been coming home from drop-offs because I have never brought him out in jammies. I know some Mamas do, and that's fine, but it isn't for me.

Thursday mornings are for Story Time at the library. Love our Thursday mornings!

Handsome boy finally figured out the rocking chair hoist, ha ha
It's so fun up here, Mom!!

Our life consists of lots of appointments, too. Levi's well check was early last week, and Caleb's was this week. Everyone says Caleb looks like me, my Dad especially. This was a no make-up, pull my hair back, rush out the door morning for me, and it was pouring...I think it shows, ha

We try to get outside every morning, but the weather lately has been so bad. Sometimes we just play chase around the house to get wiggles out. Then it's lunch time around noon, a quick change into pajama pants, two stories, and hopefully a good long nap. Levi generally always chooses the same few stories, and they're mostly the same ones from this post. :)

Nap time = work time for me

Bill usually gets the boys from school. Ethan comes home early, works on his last homeschool class, and heads to work on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Jonah usually rushes upstairs as soon as he hears Levi waking up. :)

Tuesday afternoon is our only true nightmarish day in terms of schedule conflicts and such. Usually it looks a little different each week in terms of who's picking up who, waiting around, bringing this one there, etc... We need to get the boys at the high school, then drive over to Isabelle's school- just two minutes up the road- and wait for her, then drop her off at piano lessons, drive Jonah over to his work, and then pick Isabelle up at four. This past week, Bill brought the boys home and then Jonah and I picked up Isabelle, I did the drop-offs, and headed to JoAnn's to get buttons for the vest I'm making for Ethan. And since I was close to the grocery store, I grabbed a couple things I couldn't find at WalMart from earlier in the day (getting stuff for the trip). Momlife, right?? Lots of times, Ethan is able to bring Jonah home from work because their schedules align. Hooray!!! But not this past week. It was me. HA

We try to get outside again after nap, or at least in the sun room because it almost feels like being outside. The problem with that is, when there's no sun, that room stays quite cold. So again, the weather lately... :(

These pics are from last year. This boy is still obsessed with rocks. And water! ha ha ha

The day that teased us into thinking spring had finally sprung. It snowed for the next two days after. Levi, still obsessed with rocks and water :)

I start dinner around four- or Bill does! He is a great cook!- and usually there is quite a show going on outside my kitchen window. I never get tired of watching them!

We eat dinner around 5:15. I cannot wait until we can go outside and play after dinner, too, but not yet. Soon I hope!! Once or twice, we need to go pick up Jonah from driver's ed around this time. His class times are different, so we get four more drop offs and pick ups each week. We are SO lucky. :)

I'm a planner. We were going through a trial run of what to pack after dinner and someone really wanted to help. He spotted these sandals and was OBSESSED. I couldn't get over how cute those little feet looked!! He also noticed that clothes were new to him- he didn't recognize them and wanted to try them on. Exhibit A: this romper. I was pretty impressed that he even noticed!

Then it's bath time. Every single night. I cannot remember the last time he didn't take a bath, it's such an integral part of our routine.

Telling stories :)
 He looks so little in that big tub, but I know he's changing so much every day!

Isabelle asks to read a story to him often. It doesn't always happen, but many times it does. Look at them, all snuggly and draped over each other. All the heart eyes! (This was from that one really nice afternoon we had, ha ha! Levi wears fleece jammies every night, though Isabelle has been obsessed with this set I got her for the trip, haha.)

Levi does a great job at night now. He likes to say goodnight to the kitties when they're around, on our way to his room, and he insists on giving Isabelle a kiss on one cheek, then saying "uh side" and kissing her other cheek. I do not know where he gets this stuff from!! Then he waves like crazy, saying "bye bye bye bye bye" fifty times. I lay him down and he acts all crazy like he's too wired to calm down, but as soon as I blow him a kiss and say "Goodnight, llama llama," he gets quiet. So funny.

There was a 5th and 6th grade school dance for this one on Friday night, and she really wanted to go with some of her best friends, and it was only an hour and a half, so we let her go. Isn't her hair gorgeous?! I admit, I was a little worried about it when she was younger- so lightweight and uncontrollable, but now it's just beautiful. She asked me to curl it.
See? She was happy.
I thought she was going to wear a different dress, but she wanted to wear her Easter one, the one I made for her. So sweet. I have some cute pictures of her and her friends, but you know me, I don't share those ones.

After Isabelle was picked up, I had to drop off the last packages for Rose and Ruffle before putting the shop in vacation mode afterwards, and I brought Jonah and Caleb with me. We checked out some stuff at TJMaxx and then I realized the van needed gas, so I took advantage of having someone else to pump for me. I told them I'd get them a cold drink or something for tagging along- apparently boys can't handle shopping in more than five minute sprints, and then they act ALL kinds of bored while waiting to be done in the store. Why did I even reward them, ha ha

Saturday mornings are nice. Jonah and Ethan leave for work pretty early, but it's a slow start to the weekend.

Of course there's lots of fun with all these siblings around!

An ice storm and feeling yucky kept us at home on Sunday. Daddy made homemade play dough and Levi was happy for a full hour!

These are older pics, but this it what you'll find Isabelle doing at any given time of day: reading

 Or drawing :)

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