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Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday Favorites... Countdown to Vacation!!

Hooray for Friday! I feel like I've been GO GO GO for the past few weeks between managing orders and sewing, prepping for birthdays - and all the emotional turmoil that brings- HA!, and working on some house stuff and organizing. Oh, and you know, having five kids, ha ha ha. Here are some favorites around here this week...

We've had the best time celebrating our birthday boy! I cannot believe how quickly this week has flown by. One whole week ago we were celebrating this sweet little guy. Honestly, I cannot believe how quickly the past TWO YEARS have flown by. How is my baby two?! And HOW do I have a son going off to college in the fall?! I swear I feel like I just graduated college not that long ago, and now I'm the MOM of a college bound kid. Crazy! Anyhoo. All the birthday party details are here if you want to read. :)

This granola! It will be cooking in my oven in about five minutes and my house will smell amazing. It's so easy and yummy! Aw, look at my babies!!!

Speaking of food, I ate lunch on the deck yesterday. This probably does not seem like a big enough deal to make a favorites list, but after all the snow and sleet we had earlier in the week, it TOTALLY makes the list! Poor little guy wasn't feeling well yesterday, but the fresh air- and that stick- had him smiling. :)

Signs of SPRING! I'm so happy to see all my plants and bushes loaded with buds right now. I cannot wait to see my rose bushes bloom again!

We are getting down to the nitty gritty before our family cruise, and of course while I'm SO excited and dreaming of sunshine and beaches and not having to cook a thing (!!!), I am also kind of freaking out a bit. I think I'm on List No. 9 or something like that, and just yesterday, I woke up in a panic realizing that I hadn't written down "razor" on the latest list. Umm, pretty sure I could just buy one in Florida before we set sail...I'm nuts, I know. But boy, did I feel so much better after writing that down, HA! Typical. But still. Ya feel me? 

It's currently raining but at least it's pretty warm right now. And now I'm off to make that granola...have a fabulous weekend! :)

Joining in the fun here today...thanks so much for reading!

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Shannon said...

Ooh that granola looks scrumptious!!! I love seeing kids in the kitchen- way to teach them when they're young!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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