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Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Favorites - My Baby is TWO!

This has been a very big week for our family! Despite my protests, my baby boy went and turned TWO, which officially makes him no longer my baby boy. Aaaaahhhhh! I know I will want to remember all the special little details of this week, so I'm linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika today for Friday Favorites. If you're new here, hi! So glad you stopped by!

We're having a family party tomorrow to celebrate Levi's second birthday, and while I STILL can't commit to the cake, ugh, everything else is coming together very nicely. He's going to love it, which is the best part. Yesterday was his big day and it was a such a good one! We got a birthday donut and then went to Story Time...where everyone sang to him and he didn't really know what to do, but I think he liked it! Such a fun day! Of course I took a million pictures so I'm going to put them all in a separate post highlighting his special day. Here are my favorites:

 look how excited he is!! he really got it.

 I put the 2 on his shirt and loved it...but I adore the shirt I bought him for his party from Etsy!!

Oh! And his very last goodnight kiss as a one year old the night before. I'm not crying. You're crying. Clearly he wasn't crying- he looks stoked, ha ha!
Leading up to his birthday, I wrote two posts that are near and dear to my heart. Things that I will always cherish and never want to forget. Part one, all about my pregnancy and waiting to meet him, is HERE; part two, special moments and memories after his birth, HERE.

Earlier in the week, we were hanging out in the orthodontist's office waiting for Caleb, and someone was quite smitten with all the construction work going on outside. Guess I chose the right party theme, ha ha. I love watching him discover things and show an interest in them, definitely a favorite.
 I do have other children, but I guess this week is all about Levi. Oops? Or maybe that's just how it goes sometimes. It IS his birthday week, after all. He was helping me fold sheets one morning when he just started playing around with them. He was being so silly, and he knew it and he LOVED it. If you've been reading for long, then you know how reserved and serious Levi has been for most of his little life, so to see this class clown type personality emerging is just the best thing to watch. His antics are my favorite...except for when that silliness interferes with nap time and he keeps himself wiiiide awake playing and laughing and such, ha.

This book is an old favorite of mine. I started rereading it last week after many, many years, and it is so good. I need all the help I can get!

This is NOT a favorite but I'm throwing it in here so you feel bad for me. Just kidding! No, but seriously, do you feel bad for me? Just a little? Yesterday was sunny, and I was SO thankful, but it was freezing cold and windy, much too cold to play outside. This photo is from Monday or Tuesday, and more snow is in the forecast today and tomorrow. This is just wrong.

Hope you have the best weekend! We'll be partying hard over here. :)

You can find me on IG if you want a sneak peek of the party!


Shannon said...

What a handsome little guy!! Happy Birthday Levi!!!

Terra Heck said...

Happy birthday to your little guy. I've read The Five Love Languages (for adults) but didn't know they had one for kids too. Might just have to read it.

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