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Monday, April 9, 2018

Levi's Second Birthday

What a great weekend we had! It may have been colder than I wanted, but it was bright and sunny and we got to spend lots of time outside. Such a nice change of pace.

I'm writing all about Levi's second birthday today so I can remember all the special little details. I'm sure there will be way too many pictures as usual, but when you're this cute... ;) His birthday party on Saturday was so fun and festive, and he loved it!, so I'll write about that this week, too.

Fro several weeks, our nights were fitful and not too great again, but Levi slept much better the night before his big day. I remember waking up thinking I'd heard him alllll night long, ugh, but he was sleeping soundly every time I checked. Wouldn't you know I already can't remember when he did get up, or even if he did. Only two or three times has he slept in his crib until 6:30 or 7, and I'm fairly certain that was not one of those times. So mostly likely he was up at 5, I scooped him up with his lovey and his quilt, snuggled and nursed him for a few minutes, and then laid him in our bed. I think he was up around 6:30 this day, and it was like he KNEW something was different.

I was singing Happy Birthday to him, and honestly, I thought he was going to be annoyed with and fuss about it, but he LOVED it!! Look at that grin!

 It was a Thursday, so the big boys drive together to school, and we see Isabelle off. I'm surprised I don't have any pictures of the two of them that morning because I'm sure she was doting all over him. :) Then we did some housework, I finished the "2" on his shirt- just in time for Story Hour at the library!!- and we headed out for a special birthday donut. My big birthday boy- how did we get here so fast?!

Practicing walking up and down the stairs on feet instead of knees...

I think he knew we were doing something extra fun!

Birthday selfies :)

There was a lady near us who Levi kept looking over at. She was sweet and chatted with him, which he loved. She even wished him a happy birthday several times. A group of older gentlemen got in on the wishing action as well, and Levi ate it all up. He got so silly, so unlike his usual serious countenance.

 I love this one because of his little hand. And those eyes! And his chubby cheeks and his lips and and and.... I love it ALL!

Our friends were going to meet us for donuts before Story Time but were having a rough morning and had to meet up with us at the library instead. I felt bad, we've all been there, right? All his little friends and their Moms and caretakers sang Happy Birthday - I think he was a little surprised and didn't know how to react because he'd never had that big a crowd sing to him before, haha. When they finished, he smiled really big. It was the sweetest thing. We'd moved onto the main floor when I took this picture, but he didn't stay in one place for very long. #typical

Our friends were so sweet and gave Levi this fun toy. He's obsessed with it. And pretty accurate too! I was impressed!

We had some lunch and then read a few stories, and then.... Levi was so excited he wouldn't take a nap. I almost let him get up after trying to settle him for over an HOUR, but I knew he'd be so miserable all afternoon, so I tried one last time and it worked. He slept for over two hours. Meanwhile, I did a little decorating...

We played all afternoon and the kids all doted on him and sang to him. He ate it right up. Bill and I decided that we should have a special breakfast for dinner meal on his birthday because homemade waffles are his favorites. It was quite the feast with bacon and sausage, eggs, and hash browns. Look at that face when he saw the candles coming his way!!

 Mesmerized :)

Jonah helped him blow out the candles and he was so happy. I never would have guessed that he would react this way though- he was over the moon excited!

I looked down and noticed this. This boy has crossed his feet and wriggled his toes since he was teeny tiny, and seeing this flooded my eyes with tears. So sweet.

A few days after Easter, Sherlock Holmes here found two or three eggs that I'd hidden in drawers (and completely forgotten about)- there were mini pb cups inside, and he is a big fan. So we gave him one after our waffle dinner. He is probably explaining to me how he unwraps it, ha ha. Or telling me to back off because it's his treat.

It was much to windy and cold to play outside that day, but the sun room warmed up nicely in the afternoon, so we played out there for a long time after dinner. It was so nice! That new dog bed over there...I mean, racing rug, was his special gift from us, so we played cars and trucks.

But mostly he just liked lining them all up along the edge and then practicing walking up and down that step on his feet instead of crawling through. So funny. and sweet.

Then it was bath time with Daddy and a few stories. 

He also got a little birthday hair trim earlier in the day...forgot that part. So handsome!

We snuggled and rocked and then I carried him to Isabelle's room where they kiss cheeks a thousand times. Recently, Levi has begun waving frantically (in a cute way) at her and saying "Nuh-night, nuh-night, bye bye." It is the sweetest thing ever. Most nights now he talks to himself and giggles for a few minutes before settling down. What a wonderful thing to hear at the end of the day. And then I worked on party stuff and read for a while with Isabelle, and Levi's big day had drawn to a close. We had the best day!

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