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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

All About Levi at 2 Years Old

I've had it in my mind to write this post a dozen times over the past month and it just never happens. Levi is changing and growing in such ways it truly amazes me, and I want to be sure to record all these precious moments before they get away from me.

Levi started saying his name about two weeks ago. It was the funniest thing- he was in his chair at lunch on a Saturday, so we were all around him, and he suddenly started saying his name really loudly. We were so shocked and he looked so proud! Lots of times, it sounds like "Wih-VI" and it just melts my heart! I love that he puts the emphasis on the latter part, ha ha. He has also begun to say his first sentences using his name, like "Levi happy," "Levi outside," but our favorite is definitely "Levi FUNnnnnnny"- he says this over and over and by the end, it sounds more like "Vee-VI-funnnnNY" all as one word. Clever little guy!

He is also putting together three and four word sentences, and every single day, he says at least twenty new things. I know I was equally mesmerized and overjoyed when the older boys and Isabelle began to say sentences, but honestly, that was such a long time ago, so it does feel like I'm going through this for the first time again. And it is the best! I love it! I think his very first "complex" sentence was (while looking up at our light in our room): light on, fan go round, round. Wow, right? Probably not, but it was a wow moment for this Mama, ha ha ha. Since then he's also said "Plane high SKY" and a usual around here: Wy-dee (Ryder the dog) GO bye-bye. HA His emphasis cracks me up!

We also said goodbye to his fluffy curls on the top and back of his head. That's the only place they were growing long, and they always puffed up. The day I cut his hair broke my heart ever so slightly, but he looks so handsome, I got over it pretty quickly. Jonah is our other curly haired kid, but I think Levi's will be more like Caleb's, rather fine and straight. It looks completely golden blonde in the sun now, just like Caleb's, too. I see a big resemblance with Ethan when he was two, but then lots of times, he will look just like Caleb. We don't see as much Jonah in him these days, but they change so often and quickly.

We've had a few truly toddler moments, especially in the grocery store, where I had to contemplate leaving the nearly full cart behind and carrying him outside. That's always fun, right? Oh! And twice now, he has somehow gotten himself a piece of gum without my noticing a thing...until he comes back proudly chomping away, ha ha! Now, if you know me, you know that gum is a touchy subject in this house because I HATE it so much, so when I put packs of gum in stockings and Easter baskets, that's pretty much the ONLY time it makes an appearance on my watch. The older kids always seem to have some, but I don't ask and they don't tell, HA. Apparently they leave it around where I don't notice, and little Mr. Nosy does!

I've learned that the best way to get him inside without a meltdown is to entice him with the idea of washing his hands. So far, so good. He runs to his little stool by the sink and knows exactly what to do, almost all by himself now. He loves to pat his hands dry on the towel, as well as pat mine too. :)

Levi has been practicing walking up and down stairs on his feet instead of crawling up or down, likes to sit on a big boy swing seat, and thankfully, still enjoys long walks in the jogger. Most of the time anyway. He has blown bubbles from a wand a few times now, can bust a move like no other when he hears a song he likes, and has most recently turned into a complete and total daredevil. I am getting heart attacks on the daily for sure! There is nothing he isn't trying to climb or swing from, but he still loves down time and snuggling in our bed with his favorite books (which are still the same from this post, ha!).

One of his favorite pastimes is running to his stool by the window to check out big trucks and school buses, and to wave hello and goodbye at everyone coming and going. He is quite obsessed with school buses at the moment and points them out more than any other vehicle.

Daddy still gives him his bath every night, changes him into his jammies, and then we read together. Usually, he wants Daddy to read one story and Mommy to read the other. Then it's our time to rock and sing and cuddle. He still nurses at night more for familiarity's sake than any other reason I think, and then we say Ni-night to the birdies outside, Ni-night to the kitties, and of course Isabelle- a couple weeks ago, those two had the sweetest little bedtime exchanges with kisses and grins, but now Levi scrunches up his face and shrugs his shoulders and refuses to let her kiss him. He still smiles and waves at her, but I know it hurts her feelings a little, so I try to explain that he isn't doing that on purpose.

He brings such joy into our family. None of us can really remember what it was like before him. He is truly a gift and I'm so thankful for him. I think maybe he might have us all wrapped around those chubby little fingers, too. ;)

Ha, and right on cue, here is my cute little 5:15 wake up call. I can usually get him to go back to sleep for at least another hour...wish me luck! :)

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