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Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Favorites... Spring is FINALLY here!!

The birds are chirping happily as I write this, and it rained a little overnight, so that heavy but sweet spring rain smell is everywhere.... I LOVE it! The buds on the trees are fiiinally popping open and some of our flowers are beginning to bloom. Ah Spring, you are a show off for sure, and I adore you.

And it's Friday! Hooray! The week back after vacation always feels a little, well, something different, right? But it's been a good, good week. Here are some FAVORITES!!

This technically is from last week, and I already wrote about this, but I'm sharing again because dolphins. I seriously LOVE dolphins! Plus, all week we've been reliving our best moments of the trip together... there's a recap post here and here. I'm planning on writing a more detailed list for anyone who is interested in things like maximizing storage space in tiny cabins and traveling with teens, tweens, and toddlers.

Our excursion day in Atlantis, making a long-time dream of mine come true!


Sweet smiles after church...and completely unplanned coordinating outfits as well, ha! This was the very first Sunday that Levi didn't cry when we brought him to the nursery. He's growing up so fast!


Slow mornings... some things got moved around this week schedule-wise, freeing up each morning for me (from having to run around, wait for appointments, etc), and it was just what we needed. So we enjoyed our slower pace and made friends with our shadows. :) Also, I still need to write a post about his room before he isn't even in a crib anymore!! It's one of my favorite places ever!


If you've been reading for a bit, it should come as no surprise that I love love love our backyard songbirds. One afternoon this chickadee flew into the sun room and couldn't find her way back out, so she let us rescue her- she didn't even try to get away. Maybe I send off friendly vibes, but she stayed with me for a long, long time before finally flying away safely. I realize this may not be lots of people's cup of tea, but I was in my element for sure! I was even wearing black and white stripes, so basically "twinsies" ha ha ha


Playing outside after still feels like such a novel treat for us and I'm soaking it in. Here they were mesmerized by a little lady bug. :) Look at those dirty hands and feet!! **sidenote: I've started using Mustela for Levi and he smells like a bouquet after the bath, literally! I basically just go around sniffing his sweet head all day long!**


It's finally park weather!! We have gone on nice long walks nearly every day this week, and yesterday we finally made it to the park. Last summer Levi wasn't walking, so it feels very different...and I love it! Today we're going to attempt to get some flowers to plant (I shared out first attempt on IG the other day - I'm @bethanylivs_life there) ALSO look at that big boy haircut! Bye bye floppy curls, hello handsome little man.

 Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic day and weekend!


Shannon said...

Aw how sweet is that about the song bird! He's a tiny little thing and I'm glad you were there to help out! Have a great weekend! - Shannon

Mother of 3 said...

We honeymooned on a bahama cruise and to this day my one regret is not having taking the shore excursion to Atlantis resort; at the time it was fairy new and I could not understand why we would pay to go lay by a hotel pool when we one on the ship-- until we pulled into port! I've often thought of bringing the kids with us and having a "do over".

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