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Monday, May 7, 2018

Favorite Easy Summer Snacks

The verdict is out on whether or not we'll be seeing the sun today, but it's fairly warm and feels nice, so I can deal. :) Yesterday was kind of gross and wet, but Saturday was gorgeous- we were outside all day, just the way it should be.

As the temps begin to climb, I'm thinking ahead to summer snacks, and I thought I'd share some our favorites. They're yummy and EASY, so a total win-win!

The only challenge with these homemade pops is waiting for them to be ready!! I try to remember to make some at night so they're good to go the next day. I know lots of people use paper cups with sticks, but I prefer our little pop molds. Here's what I do: combine one small container of flavored yogurt with equal parts plain greek yogurt, add some additional fruit, chopped up, and place into pop mold. No need to mix or blend, just stir by hand. They are SO good, and they feel like such a treat for breakfast on those super hot, muggy mornings. ;)

For a quick and easy afternoon pick me up, I dab some cottage cheese or cream cheese onto a wheat cracker and top with fruit. That's it! So simple but quite filling and yummy!

Of all our easy summer treats, this one is the most requested. The photo below shows chocolate graham crackers but I prefer the regular golden ones- break into halves and add a small dollop of yogurt, any kind you like. I use Yoplait or Stonyfield regular kinds. For some reason, greek yogurt just doesn't taste quite right with these treats, and it freezes differently so the texture seems off. Go figure. DO NOT PUSH the cracker top down, just place it on top of the yogurt, then pop them into freezer for a couple hours. Make sure they are flat in the freezer, too. So, so good! 

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