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1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Back to School - Middle, High School...and College, gulp!

Some years just feel longer and harder than others, especially the older they get. Sorry if that's not very comforting, but sadly I think it's true. More to worry about! Regardless, they sure do go by in a blink. Ethan leaves in two days, though he's currently up at our family cabin in Maine with my Dad, and these turkeys had their first day of 10th, 6th, and 12th grade yesterday. Good days all around! :)

Ah these two. Formerly best buddies and then arch enemies and now maaaaybe rounding the corner to friends again. I'll take it!!

I shared a cute little story in IG (bethanylivs_life )if you want see what this little turkey thought about everything. He's so funny! And as tradition stands, it was our annual back to school day date. We headed to the seacoast, sweated our fannies off because #HEATWAVE, and had a great day. With our third wheel in tow, of course. ;) Now if today would dip below the 90's, this girl will be real happy!

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Shelly @ The Queen in Between said...

I can totally relate to your comment about things getting harder.....I tell people all the time to enjoy those little kids when you can still so easily control and direct them. Parenting adults has been the hardest job!!

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