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1 Corinthians 3:17

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Our Visit to the Sunflower Fields at Colby Farm, MA

Hey friends! I just keep falling more and more behind, and life just keeps moving on and on. So much to catch up about! Today I'm posting about our very last summer hurrah. I missed the chance to visit one of NH's best sunflower fields with a dear friend this summer, and it had been on my wish list since forever...okay, since two summers ago when I first started seeing pics on Insta, ha ha... so the day before school started, we took a little road trip to get this things checked off my list. :)

Aside from the fact that we were legit melting, it was such a fun day. The field did not disappoint- it was incredible. While seeking out some shade, we lucked out and a tractor drove past, which thrilled little Levi. The driver was friendly and waved back at him too, always a plus in my book. Then we visited the store/shop, which was really cute, but we were so hot and sweaty, we didn't really look around very much. We settled on a cinnamon bread from a local bakery that smelled like heaven. It was still warm! But then again, that just made me sweat more, ugh. ha ha

The plan was to grab a little lunch somewhere in downtown Newburyport, so we headed out after I blasted the AC for several minutes. The town is so pretty, gorgeous, really. But as the temp gauge kept inching up near 100, I just couldn't do it. I decided we'd try again in a few weeks when we have the chance to walk around, explore the parks, and enjoy it. Maybe this weekend... :)

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