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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Laundry Baskets & Shoe Boxes

I rarely complain about household chores (except mopping, ugh, I hate mopping!), but I especially enjoy doing the laundry.  Maybe it feeds that slightly OCD, recovering-perfectionist, clean freak heart of mine.  I love the whole process, really, everything from sorting to watching the colors go round and round in my front loader, and folding wonderful-smelling, clean laundry into the appropriate piles.

As I was happily tackling the mountains of clean clothes yesterday morning, my heart was very nearly ready to burst with gratefulness for the fact that I can provide my family with these essentials, plus many extras.  I thanked God for the simple yet profound joy of having clothes to wash and the means to do it.  I know this chore is really a luxury in disguise. 

Anyway, I got a kick out of what my bed looked like by 9 am, and I hadn't even finished with the rest of the loads....just clothing, too!  Sheets and towels are Thursday's fun!  :)

3/4 of the way done!

Here's what Isabelle Kate does while I'm folding...she dances with her babies to "Jesus songs" and then gives them train rides in the laundry baskets
...and then she bundles them up and keeps them toasty warm in my slippers...ha!
This girl lacks nothing in the imagination department!

This morning, there are more piles, but they're on the kitchen table, and they're for the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, and they make my heart so, so happy!  What a beautiful way to show Christ's love and compassion for those who would otherwise go without.  I know it is a very small thing on the larger scale, but I believe those little things add up, so please consider filling and donating a shoe box (or any plastic container) for a child in need around the world.  Donations are being accepted through Friday.  

Visit Samaritan's Purse for more information.

We are also getting into full swing with our Angel Tree Ministry at church. This ministry helps children whose mothers and/or fathers are imprisoned and unable to provide Christmas gifts for them. I just love picking names off the Christmas tree there and taking a special shopping trip for those children. It's something so small but so meaningful! We pray over the toys and things we give, for the recipients as well as their families.

Visit Angel Tree Ministry for more information.

Another organization close to our hearts is the Chapman's ministry Show Hope. There are many ways you can help!**click on the sidebar to visit the site**

And of course ADOPTION itself is where our hearts are at. Please consider giving a child the ultimate gift of family!

 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.


Mrs. V said...

I also like doing laundry too! I thought I was always the weird one who likes it. haha But it is really a luxury! I mean, we don't have to walk down the street and rinse our clothes in the creek to get them clean. Sometimes we take it for granted that we can do our laundry like this. Anyway, it's nice to know someone else thinks laundry is fun, too! I also LOVE operation christmas child! When I was an RA in college, for four years, we would collect money from the residents and fill shoeboxes. Our building would be able to provide 180-200 shoeboxes every year! And we had a big "wrapping party" so the residents could wrap and decorate the boxes. I always added a letter with my address in hopes that I would get a letter in return...and I DID one year! A little boy wrote me back and sent a picture, from Africa! My husband and I are filling a few boxes this year and it just makes me so happy!

Pam said...

My physical therapy classmates and I just had our Operation Christmas Child "packing party" this past Wednesday...
It's so much fun choosing gifts for kids! Last year my gifts went to India - I look forward to seeing where my box goes this year! Thanks for posting about this great charity!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I first heard of Operation Christmas Child through the blogging community. They do great work!

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