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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Big Milestone for My Little Girl & a Busy Weekend

Isabelle is growing up so fast! (Despite my constant protesting!) She lost her very first tooth a couple of weeks ago, and then her second one at a Subway in Delaware on our way back from Virginia last week...I think I forgot to mention that in the Virginia post!

Well, today, our lively, sassy, beautiful little girl has gone and done it again...

I was extremely proud of Jonah, who spent an hour or more today helping Isabelle Kate master the ins and outs of riding sans kiddie wheels -- he was very patient with her, and she was absolutely beaming at him the whole time. Just melted my heart.

She zipped up and down our street for hours! So proud of her! She was ready a while ago, but I don't think I was. Now there's no stopping her!

Business has picked up big time in my little Etsy shop and I feel so grateful! I had finished up a cute polka dot nightgown and sweet pink dress before some new orders came in, and as of a half hour ago, they are still available.

The weather has been so warm and sunny, and we have LOTS of yard work to get done, so we've pretty much lived outside this past week. No complaining here! No pictures to share yet, but sometime soon...okay, I lied. Here's one --

Gorgeous, right?

Earlier tonight we took our Annual First Ice Cream Cone of the Season Walk Around the Neighborhood. Say that five times real fast! I guess it was a double first, since this is our first spring and summer here.

We couldn't leave Rydie out of the fun!

I don't know if it shows in the picture or not, but this dog was crazy wild for ice cream, or maybe just the cones! He nearly knocked Isabelle over jumping up to snatch hers out of her hand. No chance she's letting go of her cone, jumpy dog! And she didn't.  ;)

I, on the other hand, couldn't resist that pitiful little face and may or may not have accidentally dropped my cone.

Yeah, you're welcome, pup. =)  Have a great night!

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