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1 Corinthians 3:17

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday Fun and a Trip to Maine

Just a real quick Hola from me to you this morning...we are about to head up to Maine for a quick, impromptu visit with my Dad's family and I'm the adult in charge of all the details (man is working today, then staying here with dog). Eek! I'm not sure how smoothly things will go when I already nearly poured pepper into the muffin batter, and then there was that mad-dash search for flour, since someone left the canister empty. Yeah, that was probably me.


Yesterday was Ethan's 15th birthday. I feel that needs exclamation points. Yesterday was Ethan 15th Birthday!!!!!! We had the best day ever! Though he keeps bringing the idea of "driving soon." Just hold the train, people. No son of mine should be muttering the words "driving" and "soon." We're having a big party for him this weekend, even though technically, I do not like after-the-fact birthday parties. But since he was away last weekend for his fancy college soccer camp, this weekend it is.

Okay, I smell the muffins now. And there's laundry waiting for me in the other room. Plus the laundry already parked on top of my bed. Oh, and we re-did our closet last night. Like, completely emptied, painted, and installed a new shelf system-thing. We must be pros.  =) Well, I know we're cuh-razy. Because who does that the night before a trip, when you're supposed to be making lists and packing and getting your beauty sleep. Right?

Have a great rest of the week! I'm so looking forward to showing Isabelle all our traditions and such today and tomorrow and seeing family. Hasta luego... ;)

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