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Monday, January 9, 2017

Levi Matthew - 9 Months Old

I realized that while I post all of Levi's milestones onto instagram, I've neglected them here, and as I was reading through some older posts I felt like something was missing from the blog...updates, stories, all those precious details that I will want to remember! So here are all the things I don't ever want to forget about my little Levi at nine months old.

That smile lights up my world, all day every day!
 Levi has really started to belly laugh, and the response he gets from his adoring fan club really gets him going. It's the cutest thing ever.

And always moving, whether it's feet or hands or legs...some part of this boy's body is in constant motion
  Learning how to clap! He also waves goodbye to Isabelle each morning, but not to anyone else, ha ha

Of course, he has his moments when things aren't cooperating. Like this darn sock, apparently. ;)
Beside his birthday bear. Can't believe how big he is now!

After our morning photo shoot, we took the van through a car wash since the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold. He held it together pretty well but his eyes were wide taking it all in. Then we went to WalMart for a new calendar- the only place I know I can get one for around five bucks- because we're just that exciting. We got a pretty butterfly one this year.
Levi is a pretty independent eater. He's messy but he gets the job done, and he likes whole foods, not pureed. He loves most fruit, sweet potato wedges, peas, toasted cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. He loooves his Yo-Baby yogurt.

I can stare into those blue eyes all day long and never get tired of it. They are one my favorite things. And that smile. And those dimples. And that little elfin ear. And.....

We celebrated with a little sink bath in the kitchen. I'm not sure why I'd never given him one there before. He liked it, but he was cautious. Until he discovered the faucet. That certainly won him over.

We're working on the eighth tooth, so four on the bottom and the new ones up top. His gums look really swollen so I'm afraid he's got more coming right along, and he does not handle the discomfort very well at night.

Speaking of night, still such a terrible, terrible sleeper. I can't even bear to talk about it, so enough about that for now. I snapped this photo at his well check earlier today and it sums up how he felt about the visit. I think it adequately sums up how I feel about nighttime, ha ha.

Daddy took the day off because, well, truth be told, I have been having a pretty rough time of it lately and he just wanted to spend the day with me/us. I thought that was really sweet. (Maybe I'll write about that in another post.) Daddy was getting a little smile from Mr. Serious.

Like an itty bitty adorable James Dean!

He has learned that his scrunchy face always gets a big reaction, and it sure does! Sometimes he holds his arms straight out, like The Supremes, in their "STOP! In the Name of Love" song. It is so, so funny. He has quite the sense of humor, and is so bright and curious. I just adore interacting with him, and watching him interact with the world around him.
 Feeling a bit more relaxed...until the doctor walked in! We adore our physician, but Levi does not put on the charm for people he doesn't know well. It's a running joke in our family now. Even random people comment on his stoic expression. The whole thing cracks us up.

Our big guy weighed in at 19 pounds and is 29 inches tall. Strong and healthy! I am so in love with this baby boy! I can' hardly believe that I'll be planning his first birthday party soon.

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