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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ten on Ten: January 2017

In keeping up with this blog better, I thought I'd participate once again in some of the things I've always enjoyed, like ten on ten. It's a fun way of documenting your day, something I treasure as I look back and reread posts. Join in or leave me a comment with a link to yours. :)

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 Up at 4:03 AM, just after settling Levi down for the fourth or fifth time last night...this morning? I started organizing a couple photo folders and got totally hooked! I spent a looong time moving things around and I like the new system much better. I should have stopped myself and read my devotional for the day, but sadly, I did not.

 The bane of nearly every Mom of school-aged children, right? Three down, one to go.

Every morning these two wave and giggle at each other through this door. I think the cold shocked him when he put his forehead against the glass- it was 7 degrees today. Brrr. But it's supposed to be in the upper forties tomorrow, and I cannot wait!!!

I finished Caleb's lunch (four kids in three different schools, so staggered schedules), and then we had a cup of hot tea together while Levi played. I gave Caleb a haircut, too, and he was keeping (a grouchy) Levi company while I grabbed a quick shower.

Tuesday morning means time to get the groceries. I actually have to go one or two more times each week, but this is my main trip. Levi has always been such a good little shopping sidekick! Ethan used to scream his way down the aisles when he was this age. On the way home today, I was trying to remember how I managed to get groceries with three little boys, three and under, and you know, I couldn't remember at all. I guess I just did what I had to do. I sure wish blogs were around back then!

I decided to go visit my Mom, Mimi, for a little bit- she lives up the road now that we've moved. Then my Dad, Grampy, came home and we had such a nice visit.

Levi is not known for his stellar sleep habits (ha ha ha ha ha ha), but today he was acting super fussy before lunch, so I laid him down and he actually fell asleep! For nearly three hours! That has happened only once before! I hadn't even put away the groceries yet, so that's what I tackled first, assuming he'd wake up soon. Shopping isn't so bad, but hauling everything in and putting it away is such a pain. Oh well, I really am thankful that we have everything we need. And those cheeks!!!

I put in more laundry and cleaned up a few things around the house while he napped. And remembered to water my new plants. This is when I also get sewing for Rose & Ruffle done.

And then someone woke up talking and babbling, so I fixed him a scrambled egg and some peanut butter on crackers- he hadn't even had lunch! Such a big boy now. Levi has begun favoring his right hand, so I'm thinking he probably won't be left handed after all. Time will tell...

Then we played while everyone got home from school. Isabelle and Coach Dad had basketball practice, and I had Levi in the kitchen with me while I got some Minestrone soup started...he was super fussy. This was not a fun time in the kitchen. :/ While the soup simmered, we went back upstairs to finish folding towels and sheets- Tuesday laundry. And yes, I rely completely on color coding with all these kiddos! Clothes days are Mondays and Thursdays. I know laundry schedules aren't super popular anymore, but I love them. :) Jonah had his guitar and was serenading us at one point, ha.
 We had ham and cheese toasted sliders with the soup, cleaned up, and then it was time for Levi's bath. Daddy usually gives him his bath, and I stretched out on my bed for a few minutes reading 1 Peter and praying. There's been a lot on my mind lately. Levi has really been enjoying reading stories, so Isabelle and I read him two, right before he head butted me in the cheekbone and made me cry. Ouch! He is so sweet, but he's getting quite rough and crazy lately!

I think I'm a little depressed after reading through this post, ha! I guess not every day can be a super exciting one. But I wouldn't trade my time with my little guy for anything in the world. However, I've been struggling lately. In the fall, we started getting random bills from our insurance, and they were quickly adding up. We couldn't figure out what the problem was, and it was so incredibly frustrating. Plus, there really was no recourse for us but to pay up. Ever since, we get a refund check of eighteen dollars here and a new bill of 438.92 there. It is such a mess! Then, back in November, we excitedly became a sponsor family to a little boy, reasoning that we have everything we need so we can sacrifice a little for this. Well, about a week later, our water heater burst, and it cost a couple thousand dollars to fix it. We were not expecting that! Then, my husband's car started to get weird. After finding out how much it would cost to try and fix it, we decided it would be best to find a new one. We certainly weren't looking for luxury or anything- just a reliable vehicle to get from point A to point B. We were glad to discover what we thought was just the right car, but after owning it for two weeks, the noises and sputters and shaking started. Long story short, we learned that this car had been in an accident- totaled- and then rebuilt, none of which was disclosed to us. And we asked! So now the remaining warranty is null and void, we won't be able to trade it in for anywhere near what we paid for it, and insurance may be a problem. We don't know if the dealer will take it back or not, but that's what we're hoping for. And then we still have to find another car because we donated the old one. I felt (and still do feel) defeated, almost like we're being punished for trying to do something good and responsible. It's a terrible feeling. I don't doubt God's presence or provision, but with three teenage sons who are involved in a multitude of things- and eat about three times their weight at each meal-, and Isabelle with her stuff, and a new all feels overwhelming. We want to do the right thing, we want to trust God and move forward without fear. But it's so hard. Sorry if I sound like I'm rambling or complaining, or both! Just trying to be real. I know other people are facing far greater trials than these. I know! I guess I keep praying and moving forward in faith. I hope you had a nice Tuesday. :)

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