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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday :: March 2017

How can this be the last week of March!?! We are still stuck in the throes of winter weather and we are beyond ready for some warmer temps! Today I'm linking up with Mel, Sheaffer and Shay for What's Up Wednesday. Hope you're having a great week! :)

What We're Eating...
For Breakfast
I tell ya, a puff pancake is just about the coolest thing to watch baking!

 We've also had Dad's homemade waffles (every Saturday morning), pancakes, and eggs-on-toast, called eggs in a nest by some (?).

For Lunch
I'm on a honey kick and find it so satisfying on this salad. The perfect blend of savory and sweet, and fresh!
For Dinner
These are delicious and pretty quick to make.

Our kids have been over-the-top pizza fanatics lately, if there could be such a thing anyway.
I can't believe I haven't shared my recipe for pizza dough yet! I will have to do that soon!

These quesadillas are easy prep, too...and so, so good!

We've also had pasta and grilled chicken wraps...yum!

And here is why I need to eat more salad.
ha ha
Really, is there anything better?
I crafted this recipe from a few that I found online, so they're all pretty similar, but I wish I would have documented better and given proper credit (and now I cannot remember!) as this one has a pretty big chunk of internet real estate, too.

What I'm Reminiscing About...
my little baby's birth, one year ago exactly one week from today!
Truth be told, I'm not handling it well. Sigh.

What I'm Loving...
fresh paint on the walls!
We (I) fiiiinally chose a paint color for our dining and living rooms and put some up on the walls the other day. You know how sometimes you step back and you just know the color is not going to work, even though you try to convince yourself that you can make it work? Well thankfully this was LOVE at first sight. It is gorgeous! I'll do a post when we're finished.
I'm still tackling all the doors and trim, too. #clawhandforlife

What We've Been Up To...
see above, ha!

What I'm Dreading...
 Poor baby has it bad.

Gah, look at that baby fuzzy hair!!!

And more snow in the forecast.
Just no.

What I'm Working On...
Levi's first birthday party!!

I'm also in full swing sewing up pretty things for Spring and Summer!

 You can visit my shop, Rose and Ruffle

What I'm Excited About...
again, see above, ha ha!
Also, this year is our twentieth anniversary and I have been saving up as much as possible for a special long weekend trip for us -I cannot handle being away from the kids for more than four days, so that's our limit. Now to narrow down our choices...!!!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I've watched maybe twenty minutes of TV this week and it was basketball, further upsetting my bracket. So there was that.
And no time for reading anything but a couple new recipes this month. Boo. (But also yay for new recipes, so....)

 What I'm Listening To...
Air1 plays in my van 95 percent of the time, so there's that, but at home I'm listening to David Crowder and Jeremy Camp pretty much on repeat these days. I'd also like to start using my time wisely and listening to podcasts...but I'm not even sure how to get started. #imsoold

What I'm Wearing...
I don't even want to talk about it.
I've had such a problem with stress and emotional eating this past month and now I'm in a terrible rut. It's too cold/snowy.slushy to get outside to walk or run, so I'm trying (and failing apparently) to get in quick workouts inside. Nothing fits/feels right right now, ugh.
Howeverrrr, I did wear my favorite Spring scarf. Even though it was like nineteen degrees that day.
Hence the many layers.
And these cute shoes.
Until it snowed again. Ten minutes later. :(
What I'm Doing This Weekend...
no big plans, which feels like a nice change!
I've got some more orders to catch up on (see that mail above? It's Happy Mail! One Easter bonnet even went all the way to France!)
Ethan has another soccer tournament and I haven't been able to go see him play yet, and this is the third tourney! I'm determined to make it work, but it's hard with a baby and such cold, miserable weather to plan on being outside for so long. Plus, they're about 1.5 hours away, so it's not like I can simply show up for twenty minutes and then just head back home. It's a commitment!

What I'm Looking Forward to (While Simultaneously Dreading) Next Month...
Have I already mentioned that a certain little someone is turning one?

And it's Easter!
This might sound completely lame, but I'm probably more excited than I should be that because Easter falls so late this year, it's giving me one last "first" for Levi even though he'll already be one. I think that's really kind of neat. I make Isabelle a special Easter dress, just like my Mom always did for me when I was little. Such a fun tradition!

Aaaand it's also the twenty year anniversary of our proposal! April is going to be a big month!

Oh! And baseball season starts here in the Northeast! I can't wait to cheer on my favorite ball player!
Just look at him from a few years ago! So cute!

What Else is New...
We finally received the state police report detailing the accident that Ethan was involved in a few weeks ago, and it clears him of wrongdoing entirely. I'm not surprised by this, as he is truthful and responsible, but I do know that of course sometimes the truth doesn't win out. What I'm mostly grateful for is that he feels such peace now, knowing that it was not his fault. Such a relief. For him and for us.
(I wrote a little about the whole situation here)

Question of the Month: What Is Your Favorite Spring Wardrobe Piece?
Sandals! Without a doubt!
No pics, but just give me all the sandals.

Hope you have a great Wednesday! I can hear birds chirping outside the window right here for the first time this year! Such a beautiful sound!


Kelsey said...

I'm officially hungry after seeing all that yummy food :) Also, nude flats are the BEST!

Perfectly Port said...

You are making me feel better because our weather has been spring like but #permacloud set in and now rain making me jealous of all these people linking up touting the amazing weather #pouting! You are an insanely talented seamstress. I am so impressed and your dresses are SO darling! I also am salivating at each of your food posts. I loved popping over from the linkup today! Have a great day and hoping for both of us spring pops soon. xoxo ERIN

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