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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Favorite Easter Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

Even though the ground is still covered with snow where we live, Easter still represents all things Spring and sunny and brand new. I think that is the point, after all. Jesus made all things new. What a beautiful gift!

Since we are at a different church this year, with a much different schedule, I'm not entirely sure how our breakfast is going to go down, ha. And then the pastor mentioned that there will be All.The.Carbs offered at the service we attend, so I don't really have a plan yet. And I LOVE breakfast and brunch foods, so I don't think I can quit them. Maybe we will just be eating all day long. There could be worse things. ;)

These are the recipes I make over and over again- they've become such a part of our family traditions that I cannot think of one without the other. First up is this Crumble Coffee Cake- it doubles and freezes superbly, too.

Perfect Crumb Coffee Cake Recipe HERE

Another staple is Make-Ahead blueberry French Toast Bake: my very favorite! 
hmmm, I can't find a picture of it finished- this is right before it goes into the oven the next morning...
 Recipe HERE

Easy and delicious quiche:
 Recipe HERE

I often make a special treat or a decorative cake for the day as well. I've got to be honest and say that the last couple of times I've made these have been a complete disaster....I don't know what's going on!! I can't find the picture now, but I remember taking one as proof- they still tasted fabulous but they looked terrible!
 Copy Cat Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs Recipe HERE

This year I may make some healthier fudge instead, since I make it with peanut butter. It is SO rich and yummy!

 Semi Paleo Fudge Recipe HERE

The sun is shining and word on the streets is that our temps may reach 50 today!!!! Hooray!!!!

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