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Monday, March 26, 2018

Family Moments I Want to Remember

Levi is currently tossing clementines into empty shoe boxes in the kitchen as I type this, but he's happy, so I'm figuring that will buy juuuust enough time to maybe finish this post, ha ha! Not sure we'll be eating said clementines after this, but happy is happy, so I'm going with it!

We had another really nice weekend. There was nothing big on the agenda, but it was filled with lots of fun little moments with the people I love most, so win win!! I think everything is all out of order so bear with me. :)

This pretty thing right here is a tough cookie. There. I said it.  I made sure we spent some fun girl time together this weekend, and I noticed a dramatic difference in her behavior and attitude in general afterwards. She's still smiling today. I will TAKE it!!!

Striking a pose :)

Sometimes I forget that she is growing up. She isn't my little baby girl anymore, that's for sure. Doesn't she look precious in that cold shoulder top?!? I think it makes her feel like big stuff, let me tell you, and that's a good thing, right? Maybe in moderation. :)  In addition to some tops, we also found some shoes, wedges, and a few other fun girly things. And we had such a nice time together. I need to remember to make that happen a lot more often.

I am the absolute WORST about trying things on at the store, but I decided last year that I since I don't buy things very often for myself, I should at least make sure I love them and that they fit well before purchasing. Otherwise I end up wasting money on things that don't feel great and then I forget to return them, so I'm stuck with them. That is not fun!

Old Navy had everything on sale and I'm LOVING the embroidery details this year! So these goodies, plus denim shorts, came home with me. I should mention here that the boys were trying to rush me, but I held my ground and tried everything on. Everything, ha ha ha. They were so annoyed with me. I probably put back ten or more things, but I love love love these ones. It's funny that some things I thought would not look good, did, and vice versa. Biggest problem by far: everything is so dang short! No bueno if you're over 5'9"!!

***Now Levi has moved on to the junk drawer and is running to me yelling, "Mama, Mama!" and handing me my old licenses, ha ha ha!! Does everyone save their old ones? Does anyone or is it just me? I guess I'm not typing fast enough after all. *** Anyhoo. I had such a nice time with these two handsome guys of ours after church. Hmm, I'm noticing a trend here: having fun = spending money and buying stuff. If my husband happens to read this, Hi dear, I love you!

SOMEBODY has made it through nursery at church two weeks in a row!! This is a BIG DEAL.

Saturday mornings, even after a rough night, ugh, are my idea of heaven. At least when we have nowhere to be. These early morning snuggles are my life lately.

Too bad he doesn't seem to have any personality, right??

Just a Friday night movie, feeding each other sour gummy worms. Typical. Ethan will NOT be happy that I posted this, but he will never know, so we're good, ha!  (I should mention that he was streaming a different movie because he had already seen Wonder Woman, but I didn't care- I just liked that he was hanging out with us. WW was pretty good, by the way, though I don't think Isabelle understood lots of it, which I think is totally understandable.)

I just realized that I never shared pictures of watching Cars with Levi last week- we have a primary reader book about Mater and McQueen that he has fallen in LOVE with, we must read this book at least three times a day!, so we thought he might like to see some of the movie. He lasted for about five minutes. He really isn't into watching TV, which is both good and not so good, if you know what I mean. ha ha I'll post a pic soon, it was SO cute!

Okay, now he's bringing me Bill's licenses...gotta go! Have a super Monday! We're off to the bank and then getting some Easter basket things...exciting stuff! :)

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