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Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites...It's the Little Things

It's Friday! Linking up for Friday Favorites with Narci , Erika  & Andrea today - I've realized that I just love looking back at these posts and remembering such fun, random little things that I might have otherwise forgotten. And I'm nosy, ha ha, so it's fun to read up on what's going on in everyone else's life, too!

Hey, we made it to the end of the week! I don't know about you, but between sad, pitiful, cold weather (and snow!!), a few rough nights, family drama, trying to keep up with Rose & Ruffle (and Dash & Dapper, too!! :) ), and all the usual stuff, this week has not been for the faint of heart, ha! Needless to say, I think this picture sums up how I was feeling come Monday morning. ha ha ha

But it turned out to be a pretty great week! :)

Decorating for Spring is a favorite thing, despite the gloomy weather. I've had this basket for over a decade now and I just can't quit it...I LOVE it! Every couple of years I change the flowers. The last change was from two years ago when I was decorating for Levi's Bless This Nest Baby Shower. Time, you thief!!

We put up this shelf from Target right after Thanksgiving and I just adore it. It was like twenty bucks and is so much fun to "play around" with for the seasons.

I love my Mom and Dad, and I love watching them as grandparents with my kiddos. Levi has been such a breath of fresh air to both of them- we simply cannot imagine our family without him!

After some fitful nights and some not-so-great naps this week, Levi was taking a SUPER nap yesterday! That in itself is a favorite for sure, but I was going to say that I got to clean up our busy multi-purpose room/office and it just makes me SO happy now.
As I  joked on IG, just don't open that closet!  ;)
I'll share the whole room next week! (No, probably NOT the closet... ha ha ha)

This is a favorite sight! Does this make other people smile? Or just me? Either way, I'm smiling. :)

Here is the nap champion! He woke up sooo silly!

Of course, sleeping babies are pretty my favorite things ever. You can't beat a sweet, sleepy little babe.

Slow mornings are one of my very favorite things in this WHOLE world. Levi has discovered shadows and we have the best time finding our shadows. (It would seem that this was a great sunny week, but no, the sun popped out maybe two mornings, and then by 10 was completely gone. Boo.)

I have an older brother, and we have no relationship, kind of sad, BUT I would have loved to be a big sister and have such an adoring little fan club! :) He is always running after her. They adore each other so much!

He learned to climb up on the couch last week, so sometimes when I'm working or sewing, I look over and catch a glimpse of this. Favorite view for sure!

While there is considerable running around most mornings for school, once that crazy is done, then it's just him and me. We like to play and read stories. :) He is my favorite little guy and that's my favorite time. I feel very fortunate to have a "job" that allows me to stay at home in my pajamas all morning with him. Was that a little too much info? So sorry, ha ha!

Hope you have the best day! And a super weekend! I'll be busy making Easter dresses because I STILL have not started...yikes! Thanks for visiting. :)

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