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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trying Some New Things for July 4th This Year!

First, let me just say that for fun, I uploaded pictures of Levi and Isabelle from two years ago and last year...and now I'm feeling a little heartbroken. Time, you are so cruel!

Ethan just came upstairs- Mondays and Wednesdays are his super early days- and we were just chatting a bit. Well, I was talking and he was nodding. Typical, ha! I told him that all twelve boys and their coach in Thailand were rescued from the cave and in fairly good condition. Can you even imagine what all those parents are feeling right now? It was such a heartwarming thing to see so many people from all over come together with the sole purpose of saving complete strangers, to go to such lengths to reach them. It's just terrible that one soul lost his life in the effort. His poor, poor family. They must be incredibly proud, though of course utterly heartbroken.

Well now I am all over the place! Life is so precious.

So anyway, this year we decided to do some new things. We were on day four of the heat wave, and the thought of dealing with our local fireworks amid the crowds did not seem appealing in any way, shape or form. Plus, we usually end up next to some cigar and cigarette smoking people, no matter where we go!, and it just plain irritates me to pieces. So, we got our own fireworks this year, and it was a ton of fun. I've got a gazillion pics to share, so I'll stop yapping here and just post the pics, ha ha!

2016: we had just brought Levi home from the hospital the day before because of a rare pneumonia, and he still wasn't feeling very well. Gah. Look at that squishy babyyyyy!

2017: the beginning of the make something festive and matchy for them, ha ha

2018: Levi's romper is still my favorite, so I'm saving the fabric I got for next year, and Isabelle adores her new checkered dress

Twirling like helicopters :)

Someone was very excited by the idea of having his own sparkler...

...until it got too close!

He finally went for it but didn't know what to do. Of course we were right there, ready to grab it. Or toss water on him. ;)

There's a smile!

It was taking forever for it to get dark. The sun doesn't set here in the summer until almost 9 pm. Don't be fooled- he looks like he loves these things. He did not.

Not sure WHAT to make of all the noise and fireworks...

Okay, maybe it's all good after all :)

Some of them got way higher- and BIGGER- than we'd anticipated. Talk about a mini heart attack!

He didn't settle down until well past 10 that night, and this was my view early the next morning. Remember, heat wave = family sleepover. So, so glad that's over. ha ha ha ha

We did not turn on our oven even one time last week, so we didn't make our two traditional favorites: Star-Spangled Fruit Tart and Poke Cake... now I know what we'll be having today since the temps are supposed to stay in the low 80's!!! Yesterday and Monday were SO hot again. This northern girl cannot take it!

I hear my little alarm clock now...I was hoping that he would fall back to sleep after his initial wake up at 5:20, but no such luck today. Fun times, ha ha! Have a great Wednesday! It's Donut Wednesday here. :) On second thought, maybe those desserts should wait until tomorrow... ;)

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Courtney said...

Looks like a great 4th of July. Those desserts look yummy!

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